10 Awesome tricks & tips for iPhone X – You must know that!

Awesome tricks & tips – Hey guys, if you are new iPhone 10 user or you are going to buy iPhone 10 then we 10 awesome tricks & tips of iPhone 10 and I want to tell you that you must now these 10 awesome tricks & tips then you can enjoy iPhone 10. these awesome tricks are really useful for the new iPhone users and some iPhone X users are still don’t know this. so let’s have a look at these awesome tricks.

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10 Awesome tricks & tips for iPhone X

1: Animoji

We all love animoji’s. but you can only record 10 seconds of them which is obviously not enough. well, here’s how to record an infinite amount of Animojis.

So go into settings then open up the control center then go into customize controls and just enable the screen recording toggle then open up iMessage to start the new conversation select the Animojis from the app drawer.

And make them fullscreen and now what you want to do is just open up the control center and start screen recording and now you can record well forever or at least until you run out of space that is.

If you want to be a bit more advanced. just open up iMovie and simply edit your video to remove everything except for the N emojis in the middle also.

you can turn Animojis into stickers. it’s pretty easy, all you have to do is just drag an emoji into the conversation. by the way, not the message bar just the actual conversation and the fixed image of your an emojis facial expression will sent.

2: Brightness

Now sometimes the brightness of your iPhone’s display is way-way to high even at its lowest setting. now this is usually an issue at night when you want to read something and you just don’t want a bright screen of blinding you.

Well, here’s how to reduce the brightness even more than the lowest level that you can normally do.

So for this just open up the settings go into general then go into accessibility and just go into display accommodations and enable reduce white point and reduce this to the level that you wish to a percentage that you wish. so this makes it so so much easier on the eyes.

3: Move multiple apps at the same time

Some of you might already know this. but with iOS 11 you can actually move multiple apps at the same time not just one by one. so to do this just hold on an app until it wiggles then tap and hold on to a specific app and remove it a tiny bit.

And while it’s moving you can also tap on multiple apps and move them all together at the same time. so this is very very useful, especially if you want to move a large number of apps into the same folder.

4: Battery saving tip

Battery saving tip. so if you go to settings and then wallpapers, Apple actually today completely black wallpaper for the iPhone 10 exclusively for the iPhone 10 and if you apply this and use this it will save so so much battery.

Because the iPhone 10 comes with an OLED display and long story short when the display shows black that portion of the display is completely turns off. so you’re not consuming any energy for anything that’s black on your display.

5: Dark mode

Speaking of the black dark mode is here on the iPhone 10. so we still don’t have a default dark mode. but if you go to settings and then general and accessibility and then display accommodation and invert colors.

You can enable smart invert, which will turn all the whites black and all you know blacks whites.

So essentially it will keep it will invert everything but it will also keep the home screen the photos and the videos with their original colors.

Now, unfortunately, this doesn’t work that well in third-party apps such as youtube. since everything gets inverted to yours it’s not fully usable but in first-party apps its kind is.

6: Ultra power saving mode

Remember that ultra power saving mode from Samsung devices. well, that one can literally extend your battery life two weeks of usage. Now obviously that’s like you think that your almost no usage.

but still, if you wanna if you want to get the extra juice there’s also a way to do it on the iPhone 10 as well. so again just go to accessibility settings and now scroll down to accessibility shortcuts and have this set to ask.

Now select smart more colors and reduce white point both of which we’ve talked about before and now what you want to do is just triple click the side button.

You can activate both inverted colors and make everything black and you can also lower the brightness even more by reducing the white point.

If you enable low port mode from the control center. now your iPhone would last a lot-lot longer than before. this is in case you’re an emergency situation and you need every single extra juice that you can get.

7: New ringtone

Now I’m not sure how many of you noticed. but the iPhone 10 actually comes with a brand new ringtone. so it’s an exclusive ringtone and just for the iPhone 10. it’s called reflection and it’s actually enabled by default.

8: Screenshot

In case you want to make a screenshot on your iPhone 10. I’m guessing that you discovered this one already accidentally. so all you have to do is press the side button and the volume up button and then you can take a screenshot on iPhones.

9: Multitasking 

Now multitasking on the iPhone 10 can be slow like really really slow. you have to swipe up from the bottom and then hold and then you get access to the app switcher. so it’s really really slow. but there are actually three ways three easier ways of doing this.

So the first one this one is the easiest one. so you only have to do is just swipe up and then to the right from the bottom left corner and this one is the easiest and the fastest way to bring up the internal multitasking screen.

Now another way to do this is to swipe up.

But instead of holding the release quickly and this will enable the multitasking screen again. so again just swipe up and release quickly don’t hold just really quickly

And then finally you can also swipe on the bottom bar to switch between apps right or left which is by fast the fastest way to go to the previous app you used and of course from here you can just swipe up and right from the bottom of the corner to see all of your open apps.

10: Bring back HDR button

Some of you might not be aware of but the HDR button in the camera app is now gone did you did you notice that by the way and that’s because the Apple 11 chip is so powerful that it always takes an HDR shot now and it essentially processes the HDR shot according to what it sees on in the specific scene.

But if you want that HDR button back just go into settings go into camera and disable auto HDR and there you go. now the easier button will be back in the camera.


Thank you for reading this article. guys, these 10 awesome tricks & tips are best for the iPhone X users and if you are also iPhone X users then you need to know these 10 awesome tricks & tips.

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