Apple iPhone x features & 6 tips and tricks – Did you know?

Apple iPhone x features & 10 tips – Hello guys, today we gonna share Apple iPhone X features or 6 tips and tricks that you need to know. if you are new iPhone X users or you think about going to buy iPhone X then first read this article then you can understand that how to use iPhone X. so let’s have a look on these Apple iPhone X features/tips and tricks.

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5 cool Apple iPhone X tips and tricks – You NEED to KNOW!

Apple iPhone X features or 6 tips & tricks

1: Enable 4k 60 video recording 

Now if you’re a new user of an iPhone 10 or an iPhone 8 you might not know that even though the new iPhones can record 4k video at 60 frames per second, which is honestly amazing for such a small device. well, 4k 60 is actually disabled by default and even if you go to settings and then camera then you will there’s no 4k 60 option, just 4k 30.

So to enable 4k 60 all you have to do is go back and then go into formats and enable high efficiency or HEVC encoding for a video and HEIF encoding for photos and now when you go back through the resolution and the frame rate options then you’ll see 4k 60 as an option.

2: Scan QR codes

Probably not that many of you noticed. but it can actually scan QR codes right from the camera. previously actually you have to use a third-party app. but now all you have to do is just find the QR code and open up the camera app and you will see a pop-up will appear and press it and this will take you to the link in Safari and that’s pretty much it. you can now scan natively QR codes in the camera app.

3: Crop videos

First method

Now the iPhone test display is great having that extra vertical screen real estate means that you get to see much more stuff, much more detail, much more data and into in the apps and on your home screen and in various menus. however, when you’re watching a video, you actually get two black bars.

Because most videos are in 16:9. but there are actually two ways you can zoom in or crop of videos. some apps or most apps, to be honest, we’ll have this crop function when viewing the video in the native iOS 11 video player. so just press that and it essentially feels fills the entire display.

Second method

Now the second method an app such as youtube you have to pinch to zoom and there you now have a full-screen video. so you don’t have a specific button.

You actually just have to pinch to zoom. now of course, that you would actually lose the top and the bottom sections of the video since you’re cropping in and then the not will also take a lot of space. but if you don’t care about those at least you have a full-screen video now.

4: Bring back entire icon bar

On the iPhone 10 since you have the not there’s enough room to see all of your icons on the top. so you’ve probably discovered this already. but you bring those back, all you have to do is just slide down from the top right corner to open up the control center and now you have the entire icon bar back. just like in the previous versions of iOS including the battery percentage do not disturb and much more.

5: Closing all apps fast

Closing apps are actually way easier and faster on the iPhone 10 than on any previous iPhones. so just open up the multitasking screen by swiping up and then right from the bottom left corner. if you remember that hold on to an app and tap the X icon as quickly and close all the apps.

So this is really really so much quicker than having to swipe up, which might way you can also do on an iPhone 10 swiping up. but just tapping as quickly as possible the X icon is so so much faster.

6: Avoid burnin OLED display

Finally, since the iPhone 10, it comes with an OLED display, while all the displays actually have and essentially will have burnin. you know Apple says this on their website. so the only way to avoid burnin is to avoid keeping the same image on your display for long periods of time.

So for example, don’t use an app that displays the same artwork in the same places for more than 20 minutes. try changing and trade pausing the app try switching to a different one every 20 minutes or so don’t keep the screen static.


Thank you for reading this article. guys, these 6 Apple iPhone X features, and 6 tips and tricks are very useful for the iPhone X users or new iPhone X users. so if you like these Apple iPhone X features and tips & tricks then please don’t forget to share this with your friends, family members and on the social media and also visit on this blog. because we update here every day new and helpful articles like this one.