5 cool apple iPhone X tips and tricks – You NEED to KNOW!

5 Cool Apple iPhone X tips and tricks – the iPhone 10 is by far the biggest change to the iPhone since the original Apple iPhone came out in 2007. we get the first OLED display on an iPhone, the first resolution bump.

since the iPhone 6, the first iPhone with facial recognition capabilities, the home button is now gone and everything is based on gesture now.

so overall the new iPhone 10 takes some time to understand. so here are 5 cool Apple iPhone X tips and tricks that most of you probably didn’t know and that most of you definitely need to know. so let’s go further.

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5 cool Apple iPhone X tips and tricks

1: Bring up home button

Okay so at number one, we have the home button. so the home button already remove. but did you know that it can actually bring get up again?

So if you go to settings general and accessibility just scroll down until you see assistive touch and go ahead enable it. so three touches are taking you home and that’s pretty much it.

You know have a virtual home button that you can actually reposition whatever you wish and if you three touch on it. it will actually act just like the home button on the iPhone 7.

So it would essentially take you home. now I wouldn’t suggest using this on a regular basis. because it’s pretty slow.

It’s so much faster just swiping up to go home. but hey at least you get a new tool to play around with I just. in case you want to bring back those home button memories.

2: Force Restart

Now if your iPhone is completely unresponsive previously on the iPhone 6s and older you force restarted by holding the power button and the home button. would an iPhone 7 that was the power button and the volume down button.

But now with the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 as well this is quite different.

So the first restore quickly press the volume up button once then the volume down button once and then press and hold the power button, until the screen turns black.

So this is tips to force restart your iPhone and this only works on the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 8. the process is quite different on previous iPhones and the iPhone 7 as well.

3: Put my iPhone 10 in DFU mode?

For future jailbreak or if you want to restore from using iTunes to a previous version of iOS. well first off you need to connect your iPhone 10 to your computer and then launch iTunes.

Now go on your iPhone and press the volume up button once the volume down button once and then press and hold the side button for 10 seconds then press and hold the volume down button while continuing to hold down the side button and then after 5 seconds release the side button and continue holding the volume down button for 10 more seconds until iTunes tells you that your iPhone is in DFU mode and that the only option that you get or that you should get is a restore.

Now in case, you’re stuck in DFU mode or recovery mode for some reason.

So don’t worry, just press the volume up button once then press the volume down button once and then hold the side button until you see the apple logo appear and that’s pretty much it. you’re now out of DFU mode or recovery mode.

4: How to face ID works

So it scans your eyes first and if it attacks your eyes perfectly centered towards the camera then it essentially knows that you’re paying attention and it unlocks the phone.

Now in some cases especially when you’re wearing sunglasses that are very very reflective. it won’t be able to see your eyes and essentially Face ID won’t work.

So to fix that or any similar face ID issues. just go to settings then go to face ID and passcode and disable the require attention for Face ID.

This way face ID will only read the shape of your face and it won’t look for your eyes. so it won’t look for attention. now this will make sunglasses work.

But it’s not as secure and people will be able to unlock this by simply putting your iPhone your face when you sleep for example. so it’s not as secure. but it will work if you’re especially if this didn’t work with your particular sunglasses.

5: Reachability

If you remember the reachability feature in previous iPhones wear a double tap on the home button and you actually brought the entire UI down to make it easier to use with one hand.

Well, this is also available on the iPhone 10 as well. so to enable it simply go to settings then go to general and then go to accessibility and simply enable reachability.

Now using reachability is very very tricky. you have to swipe down from the middle portion of your dock. so this thing actually takes a lot of attempts to master and most of the times it won’t even work.

But there’s actually an easier way to do it. so all you have to do is just swipe as if you’re going home and then simply swipe down just a tiny bit. I’ve actually found this gesture to be way more reliable and this one seems to work 100% of the times.


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