5 Best iOS Jailbreak tweaks – you should install these tweaks on your iOS 11.3.1

5 Best iOS Jailbreak Tweaks – Hello guys, Today we have discovered another 5 best iOS jailbreak tweaks, which we want to share with iOS device user and in this article, we are showing you these 5 best iOS jailbreak tweaks, which you should install on your iOS device. guys, if you are running iOS 11.3.1 version on your iOS device then you must read this article. so let’s have a look on these best iOS jailbreak tweaks.

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5 Best iOS jailbreak tweaks for iOS 11.3.1 device

1: Nude Keys

Nude keys is a pretty cool tweak for the keyboard. it will make the keyboard look flat. it looks really really cool. so you can set different colors or you can just use like the different color. you can do that by going to the settings of this tweak. if you enable this tweak then you can set the background color.

If you want to have a background color that you want to choose to enable it and then you pick the color. of course, you can also enable deep blur just by switching the switch.

2: Alkaline

Alkaline is the tweak that allows customizing the battery indicator on the status bar. so you can choose between different battery indicators from the settings of this tweak.

So you enable it then you will have the themes. if you tap on the theme button then you will see three different themes to pick from and apply them to battery indicator on the status bar.

3: Transparent Dock

The transparent dock is a simple tweak for the dock on the home screen. what it does is that it completely removes the background of the dock and giving your device a much cleaner and nicer look. the tweak doesn’t have any settings to configure.

4: System info

System info is a very useful tweak. what it does is that it will show you detailed information about your device. so if you go to your settings then go to general and then you go to about.

Here you will find all these information about your device. if you scroll here you will find all these serial numbers everything that you need all the device information. so it’s pretty awesome.

So you don’t need to configure anything. all you have to do just go ahead and install this tweak all system all info and it will show all these details about your device under the about tap on the general in settings.

5: Roman Passcode

Best iOS jailbreak tweaks

The Roman passcode is a tweak for the lock screen. what it does is that it will remove the numbers on the passcode screen and will replace them with Roman numerals.

So you can see in the image above. they look really awesome. it’s pretty cool, it doesn’t have any options to configure.


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