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Download Tweaked apps for iPhone – Previously, iOS users had just a few numbers of third-party app installers. but now, iOS users have also the same number of third-party app installer in the comparison of Android. but the main question is that, can we download all the app installer without jailbreak & root like Android. so my answer is yes. now, we have many third-party app installers that we can download without jailbreak.

Actually, whenever iOS users hear “third-party app” then they think about the Cydia or jailbreak. because many iOS users only know about Cydia. but they are unaware that there are many third-party app installers for iOS device and we can download them without jailbreak and day by day, numbers of third-party app installer are increasing.

Cyrus hub is one of them, CyrusHub is that emerging app installer that has overcome many big app installers and in this article, I’ll show you its amazing features and then I’ll show you how you can download CyrusHub on your iOS 12 or earlier devices without jailbreak. so let’s go ahead and have a look at its attractive features.

How to download tweaked apps for iPhone


  • It allows you to simply download tweaked apps for iPhone & iPad.
  • Every content you can download for free from the Cyrus hub.
  • You can download this app installer for free.
  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS devices to download it.
  • The user interface of CyrusHub is simple and elegant.
  • The store is updated daily with thousands of new apps and updates.
  • It has tweaked versions of Popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat.

So these are just 7 features of the app and you will see its more incredible features after using it. now, let’s jump into the downloading. so don’t forget to skip any step below.

How to download CyrusHub on iOS 12

  • First of all, open your device and then launch the Safari browser.
  • Now type in the search box.
  • When you are on the website then you will see that all content are stored in the different sections and it makes easy to find a particular app.
  • Now, go to the download section and click on the free apps.
  • Here, you have to scroll down to find CyrusHub and once you find it then click on it then you will redirect on the next page.
  • Here, you will see all the downloading instructions. so make sure you have follows all the given instructions.
  • you can click on the link below. it will redirect you on the downloading page, from where you can download this app installer directly.
  • Click here to redirect on the downloading page.

Once you have downloaded it then you have to need to trust the app. because it’s a third-party app installer and you know whenever we download any third-party app then, first of all, we have to trust that app then we can use the app without hesitation.

To trust the app, go to the Settings then go the General and now scroll all the way down to Profile & Device Management and here you will see Cyrus hub profile. so click on it then click on the trust button twice and then you can use the app.

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The Conclusion:

This article was about how to download tweaked apps for iPhone & iPad using iOS 12. thank you for reading this article and being with us. so, guys, this is how you can download tweaked apps for iPhone & iPad without jailbreak. if you got benefits from this post then please make sure you have shared this post with your friends, family members, and on the social media and also don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading more new and helpful articles like this one.