Top 10 Third-party app installers for iPhone & iPad

Top 10 Third-party app installers – Hello guys, in this post, I’m going to show you top 10 third-party app installers of 2019 for your iPhone & iPad and you can also say them Cydia alternatives.

If you have an unjailbroken iPhone and don’t want to jailbreak it and also, want to download ++apps, tweaked apps, hacked games then these third-party app installers will help you to download them even without jailbreak or PC.

If you have never jailbreak your device then you probably don’t know about Cydia.

Actually, Cydia is like an app store that allows you to download those apps that you can’t find on the app store. But without jailbreak of iPhone, it’s impossible to download Cydia on it.

But thanks to those developers, who came ahead and created some amazing Cydia alternatives for the unjailbreak iOS device.

If you go to the internet to download Cydia alternatives then you will face many Cydia alternatives. but it’s really hard to find the best Cydia alternative.

So I have a list and in that list, I’m going to show you the top 10 Cydia alternatives that you can download on your iPhone for free even without jailbreak. so let’s go ahead and let me tell you one by one about each alternative.

Top 10 Third-party app installers of 2019 for iPhone.

1: TweakBox 2019

The first app for this post is TweakBox. I know you probably know about the TweakBox. because it is getting so much popular day by day among youngsters. It has unlimited tweaked apps, hacked games, paid apps for free and you can download all of them without jailbreak.

A few days ago, TweakBox was not working on iOS devices. because it was revoked by Apple. but now it’s working again on the iOS device. so you guys can download it from its official website.

2: TutuApp download for iOS

TutuApp is one of the best Cydia alternatives and it’s available for both iOS & Android devices. It excels with its offer of almost any premium app without any need to spend money.

It’s a Chinese app so it was released in the Chinese language. However, they have recently launched an English version of their app.

You can download it free and also you can download every content free from the TutuApp.

3: AppValley app installer

AppValley is also one of the best app installers. it can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad, and Android and you can download it for free without jailbreak.

It allows you to download almost all paid apps for free and it doesn’t need to have coding knowledge to use it. you can download it on any iOS devices and it simple to use.

4: Ignition

Ignition, this is available for both PC or iOS devices. when it was launched then it was only for the PC. but now they have launched their app so iOS users can download its official app from the website.

You can download every content for free from the Ignition even without jailbreak.

It’s a new app installer so in comparison of the above app installers, it has less number of tweaked apps. but it’s updating regularly and adding new tweaked apps.

5: FlekStore

FlekStore is an amazing choice for unjailbroken devices. however, it’s not famous like TweakBox, TutuApp, & AppValley.

But it has amazing tweaked apps that you can’t find on other app installers. it’s really easy to use so it wouldn’t be difficult for newbies to use it. it’s also a free app installer that you can download without jailbreak on your iOS 9 or later devices.

6: iosemulatorspot

iosemulatorspot is a website from where you can download almost all app installers like TweakBox, AppValley, FlekStore, & TutuApp. all content can be downloaded for free from the website even without jailbreak.

iOSEmulatorSpot is a no jailbreak alternative for users/owners that don’t like, or just don’t want, to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

You’ll be able to download, and install jailbroken apps, ++ tweaked apps, hacked games, themes, and emulators without a jailbreak, or a computer.

Website link: iosemulatorspot

7: Panda Helper

Panda Helper is also an unofficial app store and it has very useful apps and games, all of which is 100% Free. Panda Helper comes with its 2 versions.

The one is for those users who can download it free and for another one, you have to pay some money.

If you want to download its paid version for free then read the article below. it will help you to download panda helper VIP for free without jailbreak.

New! Get panda helper VIP free on your iOS 12 device without jailbreak

8: Zestia Step

Zestia is the most updated iOS Application Assistant out there for iPhone & iPad. it allows you to search a particular app and download that app without paying a single penny.

Step looks and compares various online app-sources and always shows you the most recent & updated ones.

9: Cyrus Installer

Cyrus installer is also an amazing third-party app store that you can download without jailbreak. it’s offer users those tweaks what they really want to download. a whole range of Cydia tweaks that have been redesigned to work without a jailbreak, giving everyone the option of using them.

10: HipStore

And last but not least is HipStore. this one also allows you to download tweaked apps, hacked games, & emulator for free and without jailbreak.

The HiPStore Designed with Nice User Interface and Similarly, it Offers Great Download Speed even slow internet Connectivity.

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The Conclusion

So these are the top 10 third-party app installers for iPhone & iPad. you can download all of them for free and without jailbreak.

Thank you guys for reading this post and being with us. hope you will like these Cydia alternatives. guys, if you enjoyed this post then please don’t forget to share it and also visit daily on this website for reading more new articles.