Top 10 apps for iPhone & iPad – you can download from app store

Top 10 apps for iPhone & iPad – Hello everyone, in this article, I’m going to show you my top 10 apps for iPhone & iPad. guys, you can download all of them using iOS 12 and these all apps are available on the app store and you can download them for free. these all apps are very useful for iPhone and you must have them on your iOS devices. so guys, let’s go further and have a look at my top 10 apps for iPhone & iPad.

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Top 10 apps for iPhone – Compatible with iOS 12

1: Secret Files 108

Secret files 108, this app allows you to lock videos or pictures from your camera roll with a passcode. so you have to enter a passcode to enter the app. so that way you will protect the photos and the videos that you have in this app. the passcode can be set of course from the settings of the app. so if you go to the settings of the app then enable the passcode and you can enter any passcode you want. it will have different section(photos & videos). so you can go ahead and create an album.

So to create an album just tap on the plus button.

top 10 apps for iPhone

And create basically a folder where you will save your pictures that will be hidden from the camera roll.

Once you add a picture from the camera roll then it will ask you if you want to delete it from the camera roll. so basically this will delete the picture from the camera roll and the picture will be saved within the app. so any time you want to get it back you can reset it from the app.

LINK: Secret Files 108

2: Huji

top 10 apps for iPhone

Huji is a pretty awesome camera app. it’s simple to use and it allows you to take some really really awesome old-school looking pictures.

LINK: Huji Cam

3: Income

top 10 apps for iPhone

Income is a really useful app that allows you to easily manage your money from your income to your expenses. like, your rent, your car payments anything you can go ahead and manage them and track them using this app.

LINK: Income: Smart Money Management

4: Mobile Master

top 10 apps for iPhone

Mobile master is the next app for this article. it is pretty awesome and it has a ton of information regarding your device and as well as a ton of tools. Once you open the app then you will have an overview of your device, you have a lot of information for your device from the general information to the CPU, RAM, memory, GPU, battery, network, sensors everything will be right here.

So you want to see the information regarding any of the sections of your devices just go right there and you will see detailed information.

also, you will have some more tools that this app has to offer. it’s really awesome, so you will have live wallpaper, you will have a speed test, you will have the decibel meter. so you can measure the noise. so that’s really awesome as well. so you will have a magnifier and you can zoom into things. you will have a screen test a ruler. basically, you will have a ton of tools within an app which of course is free.

LINK: Mobile Master-CPU Master

5: Clean Battery

top 10 apps for iPhone

Clean battery is a simple battery app. it shows you your battery. so it shows the percentage and the standby time.

If you tap on this arrow then you will see a little nice animation.

top 10 apps for iPhone

Then it will show you how much battery you have left for 4G, 3G. you will have your music and you will have browsing on Wi-Fi on 4G and as well as video watching. if you go to the settings then you can switch between a dark and a light mode.

LINK: Clean Battery Lite

6: TripLens

top 10 apps for iPhone

TripLens is another app that is really really useful. it allows you to easily translate anything simply by taking a picture. so if you take a picture of an object and it will translate it into a different language.

For Example, if you take a picture of the flower then you will have a translator at the top and it shows you the object name and you can also hear the object name. just tap on the speaker icon and it will speak the name of the object that you took a picture.

LINK: TripLens: Photo Translator

7: TunSafe VPN

Top 10 apps for iPhone

TunSafe VPN is a VPN app that I really like I know there are a ton of VPN apps on the app store. but I really like this one. because it’s unlimited usually a VPN app is either paid or once you go ahead and install it then maybe it will give you like a 7-Day trial and then will ask you for money or will limit to which service you can connect with this app.

You can go ahead and use it without a limit and it can connect to different servers. it will show you different countries where you can connect. like, united kingdom, USA anywhere you want and it’s very very simple to use. on the home screen of the app, just go ahead and turn the switch on and you’re good to go the VPN will be connected to the country you select.


8: HQ Wallpaper

Top 10 apps for iPhone

HQ wallpaper, this is a really nice wallpaper app. it doesn’t have a ton of as here just interrupting you every time. of course, it’s free and it’s really really nice to use the interface is pretty awesome.

So you will have recent wallpapers and if you just swipe down then you will see here some really really awesome wallpapers. also, you will have here trending wallpapers.

So you can find the really awesome wallpapers and it’s just pretty simple to see them see how they look and save them on your device.

Just tap on the wallpaper if you swipe from right to left then you can see how that wallpaper will look on the home screen of your iPhone. you can swipe from the left to the right to see how it will look on the lock screen of your iPhone and of course once you decide to download it just go ahead tap on the download button and the wallpaper will be saved on the camera of your device.

LINK: HQ Wallpapers – Background X

9: Memory Calculator

Top 10 apps for iPhone

Memory calculator is a very useful calculator app. so it allows you to memory numbers that you add here. so, for example, you want to just do the math on something and you don’t have to keep on mind different numbers. so for example, if you go ahead and enter a number. so you don’t have to remember this and you can just tap on the memory to see those number.

LINK: Memory Calculator

10: Art Card

Top 10 apps for iPhone

Art card, this app is really really awesome and it allows us to add some nice effects to your pictures. so you just select the picture from the camera roll. of course, you will have a tool to crop it. also, you will have different art effects that you can go ahead and add to the picture.

You can add some filters here and also you can switch between the intensity of the effect that you have added using this app.

One bad thing about this app one negative side is that it will add watermark to the picture. so you kind of have to deal with that. but of course, you can purchase that to be removed.

But if you don’t want to spend any money then you go ahead and install the app for free and of course, then you will have to deal with the watermark. but otherwise, the app is really really awesome.

LINK: ArtCard by BeCasso

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. these are my top 10 apps for iPhone & iPad that you can download using iOS 12. guys, this top 10 apps you must have on your iPhone.

These all app are pretty cool and pretty useful as well. these all apps can be downloaded from the app store for free all of them are absolutely free. hope you guys like my top 10 apps for iPhone & iPad and if you like then please don’t forget to share this post and also, visit daily on this website for reading more new articles.