How to download & install soundcloud++ on iOS 12 – No Jailbreak

Install SoundCloud++ on iOS 12 – Hello readers, are you looking for the best music app for your iPhone then you don’t have any better choice than SoundCloud++. music is very helpful for entertain us and especially when we want To relieve stress.

Sometimes we feel bored especially when we are alone and don’t have any work to do then music is the only thing, which helps us to spend our bore time.

It also helps us to reduce our daily stress and almost, every smartphone users have lots of songs on their devices to listening to reduce stress.

As we all know that it’s almost impossible to keep thousands of your favorite songs in your iPhone & iPad. but if you install SoundCloud++ on your iOS devices then you don’t need to keep thousands of your favorite songs in your iOS devices. this app allows you to listen to millions of classical, evergreen, and the latest songs for free.

Yeah, SoundCloud++ is that app, which has unlimited old and new songs in one place. guys, I know I’ve write ++ with SoundCloud and most of you don’t know the meaning of ++.

Because most of you are new iPhone’s users then maybe you are thinking whats the mean of ++ then I want to tell you SounCloud++ is a tweaked version of the basic SoundCloud.

You will get lots of amazing new features in it and also, it allows you to save your favorite songs to your iPhone, which you can’t do on the basic version of SoundCloud.

So it’s a tweaked version of SoundCloud that doesn’t mean you have to jailbreak your iOS devices and my main motto of writing this post is teach you how to download & install SoundCloud++ on your iOS devices without jailbreak.

Now let’s go to the downloading guide.

How to download & install SoundCloud++ on your iOS 12 devices

Install SoundCloud++

Actually, there are many third-party app stores that allow you to download & install SoundCloud++ on your iOS devices without jailbreak.

But firstly, you have to download those app stores and you will able to download this music app. but if you follow my downloading guide then you download SounCloud++ directly on your iPhone & iPad using iOS 12 and without jailbreak too.

So the downloading process is quite simple. you have to follow each step that I’m going to show you below. but make sure guys you have to uninstall the official SoundCloud app from your device.

Step: 1

So first of all visit this website and make sure you open this link in the Safari browser. when you click on the given link then you will redirect on the amazing website, from where you can download many tweaked apps instead SoundCloud++.

Step: 2

So when you are on the website then at the top of the website you will have some categories. so, go to the download and then click on the Tweaked iOS apps section then you will redirect on that page, where you will have lots of tweaked apps. like, Facebook++, Instagram++, Twitter++ etc.

Step: 3

Now, what you need to do is just scroll down until you see the icon of SoundCloud++ app and once you see its icon then click on and then it will take you on the next page, from where you can download this music app by just clicking on the giving alternative download link.

Step: 4 ( Last Step to download SoundCloud++ )

When you are on the downloading page then you will see the alternative link to download SoundCloud++. so click on it and then downloading will start in the background and after download, you can install the app by following the given instruction.

After completing the installing process, go to the settings of your iPhone and then go to the general and then scroll down and click profile & device management and here click on the SoundCloud++ developer profile and make sure you trust the profile.

Now, you can use this amazing music app on your iPhone & iPad.

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The Conclusion

This article was about how to download & install SoundCloud++ on your iOS 12 device. with the help of this app you can listen to your favorite songs even save them anywhere you want. you can download every song with wasting a single penny.

So enjoy the app and music and if you like this post then please share it with your friends & family members. also, don’t forget to visit daily on this website for reading more new helpful articles.