How to save Instagram pictures, Videos & Stories on your iOS 12 device

Save Instagram pictures, Videos & Stories – Hello readers, today we are going to teach you how you can save Instagram pictures, Stories, and videos on your iOS 12 or 12.1 devices.

Guys, as you all know that Instagram has becomes the largest platform to share videos, stories, & pictures.

But Instagram doesn’t allow to officially save them into the camera roll. but there are several ways that allow you to save Instagram pictures, videos & stories.

But those ways can’t work on the iOS 12. so we have found an easy way, which helps you download Instagram videos, pictures, and stories. so let’s go further.

How to Save Instagram Pictures & Videos

To download Instagram videos & Pictures all you need is the new shortcuts app by Apple. of course I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys already have it.

If you don’t go ahead and install it from the app store for free of course and then just go ahead and download this shortcut, which I will leave a link right down below the paragraph.

LINK: InstaSave

Insta save is really really awesome. so what you need to do to download a video or a picture from Instagram. just go ahead and just go to the video or picture click on the three dots and copy the link of that picture or video.

Just go back and open the shortcuts app and just run the shortcut by just tapping on it and that video or picture will save into the camera roll of your device on full resolution.

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Save Instagram Stories

The process of downloading stories is a bit different. so what you need to do for that is go back to Instagram then go to the profile, which you want to download the stories from and just go ahead and click the three dots and copy the profile URL and then when you come back to the shortcuts app run the shortcut and here it will show you a pop-up.

You can download stories, stories+highlights, HD profile picture, complete profile or the 12 latest pictures. to download stories, just click on the stories and the stories of that profile will download into the camera roll of your device. it’s as easy as that.

So you can get pictures, video, stories highlight basically anything from an Instagram account and download them to your device to your iOS 12 device.

Of course, it will need to be on iOS 12 in order to have the new shortcuts app and be able to use shortcuts. this is pretty awesome a really useful shortcut.

I’m thinking some of these shortcuts are starting to replace some jailbreak tweaks. so that’s really really awesome

The Conclusion

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