iOS 12 Shortcuts – Download these 10 must have shortcuts for iOS 12

iOS 12 Shortcuts – Hello everyone, today we have come back with another great article and in this article, we are going to show you the best 10 iOS 12 shortcuts that you must have on your iOS 12 device. guys, if you are iOS 11 version users then maybe you know that there are tons of jailbreak tweaks for iOS 11 device. but with the new iOS 12, Apple also launches shortcuts, which are better than jailbreak tweaks and if you use these shortcuts then you don’t need any jailbreak tweaks for your iOS 12 device. so let’s go further and have a look at these iOS 12 shortcuts.

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Best 10 iOS 12 Shortcuts

1: Black Friday Deals

Black Friday deals, now that Black Friday is coming you can go ahead and search for the best deals for any item that you want.

Just run the shortcut and then just basically enter any name that you want to search. just go ahead tap ok and it will find you the best deals that you can get for the Black Friday sales. so that’s really awesome very convenient and very easy to use.

2: Clipboarding

Clipboarding, this one allows you to edit your clipboard. just go ahead and tap on it and it will show you a menu where it can edit your clipboard or you can even view the history of your clipboard or you can just tap on clear to clear anything that you have added or copied to the clipboard and it’s very very easy to use.

3: Rotary 1.2

Rotary 1.2, this is really awesome. it allows you to call the number of any business simply by tapping on the shortcuts and you can dictate or enter it as a text like just tap dictate and say anything and then it will show you a list and you can go ahead and call customer service directly from here. it’s really really awesome and very useful. you don’t need to search for any numbers of any businesses. just tap there say the name of the business and it will find it for you.

4: Photobooth

Photobooth, this is really awesome. you just tap on it and what it does is that it will take four pictures on three seconds interval and then will make them like a photobooth styling of that old-school photobooth style. it’s really awesome. it will take a while for the process to finish.

So you have to wait about 20 to 30 seconds. it will take and then it will combine all those pictures in the one. it looks really really awesome. so you can choose to take the pictures with the front or the rear camera whichever you want and of course, you can save it on the camera roll of your device.

5: Detailed weather

Detailed weather gives the details of weather information about your current location. so just tap on it and then you will see right here all the information that you get.

6: iDevice Info

iDevice info will show you details information about your device. you can view your external or local IP, you can view your battery percentage, device details. so from device name model, system version, screen current brightness all that cool stuff. so, of course, you just tap on it and it will show you your device model and all that cool stuff pretty awesome as well.

7: Media Info

Media info allows you to take a look at the information about any media that you might have on the camera roll. so you just tap on it and select a picture from the camera roll. so once you select the picture then it will show you all the details about that picture.

8: Night Night

Night-Night, this is really awesome you know, you want to go to sleep all you have to do is just activate this shortcut, run this shortcut and then it will enter the night mode. it’s really really awesome. so what this does is that it will turn the brightness down, it will turn down all, it will turn off the Bluetooth also it will turn on do not disturb.

9: Low-Power 1.0

Low-power 1.0 is also pretty awesome, this allows you to save extra battery on your device more than you can get with the low-power mode.

So once you run it then it will basically disconnect your device from everything will turn down the brightness all that stuff and basically you can choose the brightness as well. basically, it will turn off everything that spends the battery of your iPhone and you can have the extra battery on your iPhone.

10: Translate

Translate is another one that allows you to easily and quickly translate text. so everything you have copied on your clipboard. so just click on the shortcut and it will show you a pop-up. so click OK and you can choose to which language you want to translate that text. so tap the language and it will show you the translation of the text that you have copied on your clipboard.

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. these are some of the most useful shortcuts that you can get on your iOS 12 device. I hope you guys enjoy the article and these iOS 12 Shortcuts.

So go ahead download now these best 10 iOS 12 Shortcuts and don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family members, and on the social media and also visit daily on this website. because we update here everyday new and helpful articles.