Get iOS 11 emojis now on your older iOS version

Get iOS 11 emojis – Hello guys, in this article, we are showing you how you can get iOS 11 emojis on your older iOS version. so you can use these emojis on iOS 11.o, iOS 10 or iOS 9. guys this is an alternative way. you won’t actually get the emojis on your keyboard.

But it’s in an alternative way on how you can use this emojis on the older iOS firmware. iOS 11 comes with the new emojis and iOS older version users not able to use these amazing emojis.

But now iOS 11 emojis are available on the older iOS version. but you need to do some to get iOS 11 emojis on your older iOS version.

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Get iOS 11 emojis on the older iOS firmware

Step 1

So first of all, you have to need to go on the Safari browser and then type in the search box and we have another alternative way to redirect on the website. we have left a link below the paragraph.

If you click on the link then you will redirect on the emojis website. but make sure that you open this link in the Safari browser.

Click Here: emojipedia 5.0

Get iOS 11 emojis

So when you are on the website then you will see there are different emojis categories. you can download lots of types emojis from this website.

This website is the best path to download new emojis for your device. but we have left a link, which will redirect you on the iOS 11 emojis. so when you click on the link then you will a webpage like above.

So all you have to do is just select some text and then just go ahead and select the emojis. so these are the new emojis that Apple has added on iOS 11.1 version.

Get iOS 11 emojis

Now just click copy and then go to your notes and create a new note then click paste and what you need to do now is just go ahead and tap and hold on one of the emojis and just click small images and then you will have the emojis all the new emojis on your notes app.

Step 2

Now if you want to use one of this emojis. you just go ahead and tap and hold on the one emoji then you will see copy option then copy it and then you can send this emoji on iMessage to one of your friends.

It’s really really awesome. so, on the older iOS firmware, you can have the new emojis, which is really cool. so it’s an alternative way.

You cannot get them on your keyboard without jailbreak. there is no chance of getting these new emoji’s on your keyboard without updating to iOS 11.1 version.

So if you’re on all the firmware iOS 10 or iOS 9 or even iOS 11 not on iOS 11.1. but lower iOS 11 versions then this is the only way that you can get this emojis on your device.

So you can send them in iMessage and you can get all these emojis all the new ones are here.

It’s easy to use just go ahead and copy one of them and you can send it on iMessage and the receiver will get this emojis.


Thank you for reading this article. so that’s it for this article guys just a quick article here showing you guys how you can get the new emojis of iOS 11 and use them on the older iOS firmware.

So it’s an alternative way. but it’s better than nothing.

So this is how you get them on the older iOS firmware. if you like this article then please share this with your friends, family members and on the social media and also visit on this blog. because we update here everyday new and helpful articles.