Gearboy for iOS – Download NEW gearboy on your iOS device

Gearboy for iOS – Hello guys, if you want to know that how to download gearboy for iOS then I want to tell you that you are at the right place.

You can install Gearboy on your iOS, 11+/10+/9+/8+/7+, without jailbreak your device or computer.

All we know that we can’t be running Gearboy directly on our iOS device. because it’s not capable of the iOS device. but we have discovered a way that helps you to run gearboy on your iOS device. guys, you can install gearboy with the gearboy emulator on your device.

A little about Gearboy

gearboy emulator is the best for iOS. this game is design by Ignacio Sanchez. it emulates original Game Boy Advance Colour Games on your iDevice without any jailbreak of any Requirements. previously, its available only on the Cydia store.

But now we can install it on jailbreak and unjailbreak device. so let’s go further and have a look on how to download gearboy for iOS device without the jailbreak.

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Download Gearboy for iOS device

So guys, to download the Gearboy for iOS device, you need to click on the link below paragraph. if you click on the link then it will redirect you on the iosemulator website and when you are on the website then you have different categories

Here you can download cTOSGamePlay ColorGBA4iOSGBA4iOS 2.1GC4iOSHappy ChickSEGA Master SystemNDS4iOSPPSSPPProvenance, RetroArch, SiOS, WebNes.

Click here: iosemulatorspot

When you on the website then just scroll down until you see the Gearboy. after finding gearboy click on it, it will show you some alternative link to download.

So select anyone link to download and then downloading process will start in the background.

But now if you try to open Gearboy then it will show you an untrusted developer message.

Because it’s a third-party app and whenever you are installing any third-party app then it will show this message. so don’t worry.

Fix Untrusted developer message issue

  • Go to the “Settings” on your device
  • Then go to the “General
  • And now go to the “Profile & Device Management
  • And here tap on the “Profile of the “Greaboy
  • Tap twice on the “Trust” button

Guys, that’s how to fix untrusted developer message issue and now you can open the Gearboy.


Thank you for reading this article. guys, if you ever install any third-party app on your iOS device then you can fix untrusted developer message issue like this.

So now you can download Gearboy for iOS device and guys you can run this app on every iOS version and if you want to many apps to download for your iOS then I want to tell you that go to the iosemulatorspot website.

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