Best ways to use siri on Your Mac

Best ways to use Siri on Your Mac. After the macOS Sierra apple launch Siri on Mac. and it comes with new capabilities designed just for your PC.

Best ways to use SiriLike on iOS devices, I want to tell you that Siri on your Mac is your intelligent personal assistant. which is helps you in your multitask work and also get more things done.

I want to give you an example: If you are work on a document and you want to send a message to your coworker then you can ask Siri to send a message to your Coworker without stopping your work you’re doing. you can say to your coworker that the document is on the way by Siri.

Things that you can ask to do

We want to tell you here some other things that you can ask Siri to do.

Here are Examples “What can you do?”

  1. You can search the web for images of the Eiffel Tower.”
  2. If you are tired then it helps you to find coffee near you by just saying that “Find coffee near me.”
  3. It Can “Show the PDFs in my Downloads folder.”
  4. “Find tweets from José Bautista.”
  5. “Show me all of the files I shared with Cecilia last week.”
  6. “FaceTime Victoria.”
  7. “Add Laura to my 10 AM meeting.”
  8. “How much free space do I have on my Mac?”
  9. “What’s the weather in Lake Tahoe?”
  10. “Show my photos from yesterday.”
  11. “Play the top 40 jazz songs.”
  12. “What time is it in Monterrey, Mexico?”

Ask Siri

But before you ask anything, You have to need to complete any of their steps then you can say what you need.

  • First, click on the Siri icon. which you see in the Touch bar, menu bar, or dock.
  • If you have already open it on your mac then you can also click on the Siri icon or you have another choice that you can also click on the microphone icon in the Siri window.
  • And after that just press and hold the command key with the spacebar until Siri responds.

Then it will close automatically. but if it’s is not close automatically then you can click on the cross icon in the window or you can swipe its window on the right side.

Ask to find files on your Mac

If you are unable to find any file on your Mac, then Siri will help you find that file. by using various criteria.

Best ways to use Siri

For example: if you want to see your documents. which you are opened this week then you can ask Siri for that.

Then ask to refine your results to just the ones with “annual” in the title.

Keep its results where you can find them

If we have a big project of our work or anything private or important information then we can keep them by Siri right in Notification Center. then we can access anytime and easily in our Twitter feeds, sports schedules, and that files. which are related to our project, and much more.

Just see on the top of your Siri results then click on the plus sign then your all information will stay up to date and then you will always know your trending topics or important documents.

Drag Siri results

If you ask Siri to find your images or some type of information then you can drag your images of information into your window and also the application on your desktop.



Best ways to use siri

Edit your Siri request

If you don’t want to make your new request and want to edit your request then just double-click on your words in the Siri windows, and after that, you can change your request by entering your changes from the keyboard.

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