Best shortcut – Get this ultimate shortcut on your iOS 12 device [All in One]

Best shortcut for iOS 12 – Hello guys, today I’ve come back with an amazing article, which is really helpful for the iOS 12 users. guys, in this article, I will show you a pretty powerful shortcut that you can get on your iOS 12 device. this shortcut is really really amazing and it has a lot of offer. so let’s talk about it and see what you can do using this new shortcut.

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Best shortcut ( All In One )

Best shortcut


All-in-one utilities, it’s pretty powerful. so once you tap on it to run the shortcut then you will see a list, you will see some information about your device then you will have a system option.


If you tap on the system then you will have like another page and on that page, you will respring your device option, you can enable the ultra-low power mode, you will have a second control center, you can show your clipboard and edit it.

You can go ahead and test your network speed and also you can see details regarding your device right there. so that’s really really awesome.


Next, if you go to the second one then you will have daily. so you will have download web page content, you will have a random number generator, you will have scanned QR code, you will have different stuff right there on the daily.


If you go back then you will have some more. you will have fun and you’ll find games. so if you go in it then you’ll find games that’s the fun part of the widget.


Then you will have different scenarios. so what you can do with this, you can create different scenarios like for example you want to go to sleep then you can create a scenario, where your device will turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi everything and do not disturb will be turned on all that stuff and once you have done that then just go ahead and tap anyone slot to which you have saved that scenario and run it and it will be applied to your device.

So to create a scenario just tap right there choose the slot in which you want to put it and then you will have different options right there which you will choose to enable once that slot is enabled so that’s really amazing and very very useful.


So next you will have other. if you tap on it then you can go ahead check for updates, you can see information about this shortcut and also you will have installed beta pin lock and also you have the shortcut sharing site pages right there and you can change the preferences of this shortcut. so you can change the language setup assistant and also clean up the shortcut.

So you want to change the language of the shortcut then tap on the change language and then you can change it here. so that easy as that. so really really amazing a very powerful shortcut to get on your iOS 12 device.

It’s pretty awesome and it has a lot of offer. so go ahead and install it and go through it. it has much more options that I showed you guys on this article.

LINK: Click here to download

The Conclusion

So that’s pretty much about this best shortcut guys. if you install this shortcut then you don’t need many shortcuts. because it has lots of them. hope, you like this article and if you like this article then please don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family members, and on the social media and also visit daily on this website for more articles.