Download AeroTV app and watch live streaming, movies, Tv shows, and videos

AeroTv app – Hello guys, today we are talking about AeroTV app. TV has become our habit today. we can’t live a day without watching TV and whenever we feel bored then TV is our first choice for watching. TV entertain us more than anything.

Television gives us knowledge of lots of things. it tells us the current state of our country and the whole world, which is very important to know and there is something for every kind of people on television.

But sometimes it happens that we want to see our favorite, serial, sports match, movies. but because of no electricity in the house, we can’t watch them on television.

Previously, if there was no electricity then we didn’t any other option to watch TV. but these days, almost everyone has a smartphone, which is becoming other option to watching TV. having an Android phone is easy to watch serial, tv shows, and sports match.

Because there are many apps for Android device to watch TV. but having an iOS device for watching TV was not easy. because there was no app on the app store for watching tv. But now people are becoming addicted to televisions.

So apps developers have made many apps that have made easier to watching tv on the iOS devices and Aerotv is one of those apps, where we can see movies, videos, TV shows. of course, it’s a third-party app. but you don’t need to jailbreak your device. so now let’s go further and see that how to download the aeroTv app on the iOS device.

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How to download AeroTv app on your iOS device

  • Go to the Safari browser and type in the search box
  • You can click here to redirect on the download page
  • But make sure that you have open the link in the Safari browser
  • So after searching the website go to the download section and tap on the Cydia cable TV apps
  • Now scroll and find AeroTv app then tap on it
  • So click on the download link then downloading process will start in the background

If download will complete then don’t open. first of all, go to the settings then go to general and now tap on the profile & device management. now tap on the AeroTv app profile and then hit the trust button twice and now you can use this app without any problem on your iOS device.


Thank you for reading this article guys. there are lots of ways to download AeroTv app for the iOS device. but this way is easier than all way. hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have friends, family members, who are using the iOS device and has become addicted of Tv then why don’t you share with them and help them for watch Tv on their iOS device free and also share this on the social media. don’t forget to visit daily on this blog. because we update here every day new and helpful articles like this one.