best iOS tweaks – Download Top 10 jailbreak tweaks for the iOS device

Best iOS tweaks – Hello guys, we have come back with best iOS tweaks, which you need to download on your device. guys, these best iOS tweaks are the jailbreak tweaks. after releasing the jailbreak of Apple iOS 11.3.1 the tweaks are raining on us. so if you are looking for the best jailbreak tweaks then I want to tell you that you are in the right place. so let’s go further and have a look at these best iOS tweaks.

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Download these 10 best iOS tweaks

1: Color Banners 2

Best iOS tweaks

Color banners 2 will make your banners really awesome. it will colorize them, it actually colorizes them based on the color of their icon. so for example, if you get a notification from iMessage that banner will be green and you can also go ahead and choose your own color if you want to have a constant color on all the banners.

You can see in the image above, on the lockscreen it shows the banners and you can see all of them have a different color and the color is based on their icon.

2: Color Badges

Best iOS tweaks


Color badges is a tweak that will colorize the badges. as you can see in the image above that the badge is not red, it’s blue that’s the same color as the icon of that app. so it’s pretty awesome. if you go to the settings of this tweak then you have an enable button then right here can also enable the labels for the badges. you can see it has that white border around the badge.

3: Aerify

Best iOS tweaks

Aerify is a really awesome tweak for the volume HUD. you can see in the image above that there it will add the volume HUD to the status bar. it’s pretty awesome, you can change that color of the color of the background. you can change the position of the volume HUD by touch. it also it gives you a vibration when you turn up or down the volume. it has a lot of options to configure, you can really customize it any way you like.

4: Aporeo

Aporeo this is a very useful tweak. when you’re charging your device then you will see there the second start charging your device. it will put it on the low power mode side. so that it will charge faster.

This is really really cool and very useful. if you go to the settings of this tweak then you can also set it to automatically enable at 20% and also you can disable the turn off at 80% that the low power mode turns off automatically at 80%.

5: Battery Life

Best iOS tweaks

Battery life is the jailbreak app that will show you detailed information about the battery of your device. you can see in the image above first you have battery charge then capacity then voltage then cycles then temperature of the battery and you have other info as well.

Best iOS tweaks

If you swipe right to left then it will show you all the time that you have left the talk time, 3G browsing time and all that stuff and if go to the settings of this tweak, where it can set different options.

6: Blurry Badges

Best iOS tweaks

Blurry badges will make the badges blurred. so it will blur them and actually, it will add the color of that app’s icon. if you jump to the settings then you can choose the border. so you have pre-iOS 7, no border, little border all that you can also choose the color and you can also set the tint.

7: Breadcrumbs Away

Best iOS tweaks

Breadcrumbs away allow us to get rid of the text that you get when you open a link to safari from an app. so all you have to do is you swipe on that and you can get rid of that text just swipe it and that text and the arrow will be gone.

8: Charge Pulse

Best iOS tweaks

charge pulse is a simple one for the battery indicator. it will add a slide charging post when you’re charging your device. it will add that nice pulse to the battery indicator on the status bar.

9: Codling

Best iOS tweaks

Codling is the tweak for this Cydia app. what it does is that it will allow you to customize the loading hoods on Cydia. so you can see in the image this one is the blur and it’s white instead of this top black one. so you can change between a light and a dark theme.

10: Color Status Bar

Best iOS tweaks

The color status bar allows you to set a background color for the status bar and it will be applied system-wide.

So, on the home screen, lock screen, in the apps, and everywhere you will have that color on the background of your status bar. just go to settings and pick any color that you like.


Thank you for reading this article. so guys, these are the best iOS tweaks. don’t wait and go ahead to download these best iOS tweaks. these all are the jailbreak tweaks. hope you will like this article. so if you like this article then please don’t forget to share this with your friends, family members and on the social media and also visit daily on this blog for reading new and helpful articles.