5 best features of iPhone Xs & Xs Max – **You must know**

5 Best features – Hello guys, yesterday Apple has launched their new model of iPhones. so iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr will be available in the market on 14th September and we know that you guys are really excited to buy these brand new iPhones. but do you know about its new features?

If you don’t know then we have got few best features of iPhone Xs & Xs Max that you should know before buying the new iPhone. so in this article, we are gonna share with you 5 best features of the of the brand new iPhone Xs & iPhone Sx Max. so let’s go further and have look on these best features.

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5 Best features of iPhone Xs & Xs Max

1: A12 chip 7-nanometre chip

Best features

The first thing we’re talking about is the all-new A12 chip 7-nanometre chip that Apple has designed for these new iPhones and as shown on the preview by Apple that chip is really really powerful and it can do amazing stuff.

2: New Camera

Best features

The next which we’re talking about is the new camera. so this camera has the same 12-megapixel sensor. but its sensor now is faster also it can take smart FDR pictures. this is really amazing and also now with the portrait mode. you can actually adjust the depth of field after you have taken the picture.

Best features

So when you take a picture with portrait mode. you know that blur that you get behind you. you can adjust the amount of the blur using this new feature of the new camera of the iPhone 10s.

3: Dual-SIM

Best features

Since the first model of the iPhone has been released, we could have used only one SIM card inside the iPhone.

Then there’s also the dual SIM option. so you can now have different sims two different numbers on your iPhone 10s. one will be a normal sim card and the other one will be any sim. so that’s an electronics in that you can get on your new iPhone.

4: 512 Gigabytes

A new option now for 512 gigabytes of storage on your iPhone that wasn’t there before the most we got was 256. as we all know that we don’t have any option to insert the external memory card on our iPhones. but now you can have double that on your new iPhone 10s. so maybe we don’t require the external memory card and that’s a good step by the Apple.

5: Comes with the new color

The last but not least is also the new color the gold iPhone 10s and the 10s max they look really really amazing that gold and black combination really looks stunning.

In The Conclusion

So these are the 5 best features and new features of the new iPhone Xs and the Xs Max. Hope you guys like this 5 best features and article.

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