iOS 13 New Features – 20+ Amazing New features of iOS 13 beta 3

20+ iOS 13 New Features – Apple introduced the brand new iOS 13 Beta 3. iOS 13 is a huge overhaul to iOS, with a long list of new features. so in this article, we’re talking about the 3rd beta of iOS 13 that was released just a few days ago by Apple and I’m really loving this update. it’s pretty amazing the battery life seems to be better, the battery is not draining a lot as it did for many users on iOS 13 beta 2. once you installed it then you can notice that the battery life seems to be better. also, it’s buttery smooth the animations & the multitasking all that is really really great. so now let’s focus on the features of the iOS 13 beta 3.

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20+ iOS 13 New Features


Starting off with the files app when you’re playing media on the files app now you will get a new interface right there. this is a totally new look on the files app when playing media.


If you want to delete a file, now you will see from the menu the delete button now will be red instead of black.


Going to the Photos app now you will see the album has changed. now the recent album will be the first one on the Photos app and it has switched places with the favorites album before this used to be up here and the recent we’re down here.

iOS 13 new features


On the new Photos app when you want to set an image as a wallpaper you will get the same interface that you get on the settings app when setting a wallpaper that’s really great.


Also, you will have a new icon at the add to the album on the share menu as well as you will have an Apple watch icon there on “create a watch face” that’s also new on the new Photos app on iOS 13 beta 3.


Also, if you go to options right there now you will get all the photos data. so if you want to include them then you can enable them right there and you will get all the photos data right there.


On the control center on beta 3 if you force touch on the camera then you will get new icons here at taking portrait and take portrait selfie.


Also, on the control center, if you go to the volume then you will see the iPhone’s icon is way smaller.


If you go to the mimojis and you go to edit them. now, you will have different options here. so if you had to cancel you will have the option to discard the changes or keep editing from here.


beta 3 now allows you to edit memoji just even on the third-party app. so even if you’re on the third-party app then you can go ahead and still edit your memoji.


On the iOS 13, you know Apple has introduced a cool new feature that allows you to take full screenshots of full like webpages. now, that will support other apps as well as long as they support this feature.


If you go to edit that screenshot then you will see the interface will be much bigger that allows you to easier edit your screenshot.


on Safari on iOS 13 beta 3 if you tap and hold one of the tabs now it will show you the new menu right there.


There are more new features on Safari as well. so if you tap on the share button now the PDF create has been replaced with markup. so when you go there it’s still the same thing. but it has just been replaced with markup instead of creating PDF.


The search bar has been fixed on the Settings app. previously it used just to show like some random icons wouldn’t even find anything that I searched, for now, it’s fixed and it’s working how it should.


if you go to the shortcut app and you want to create a shortcut to basically launch one of your apps then you will see a new view right there at the app. so this looks pretty awesome a way better look here than previous.


there is a new splash screen for the Notes app once you install iOS 13 beta 3 and you open the Notes app you will see a new splash screen.


3d touching on a note on beta 3, now you will see the 3d touch menu also has the icons previously it had just the text now it also features the icons.


if you go to the privacy section on the Settings app on beta 3 then you will see the motion and fitness section has an icon that has totally been redesigned


If you go to settings then you go to privacy and then you go to location services then you go to system services then you will find right there a new button to improve the map. so you can enable it directly from here.


The wallpaper text has also been fixed. now, this used to be cut off now it looks all nice and clean.


The volume slider on iOS 13 beta 3 has been fixed now this used to not come all the way up with beta 2. but now it’s fixed and you can basically pull it all the way up.

The Conclusion

This article was about the 20+ iOS 13 new features. thank you guys for reading this article and being with us. so these are the 20+ iOS 13 new features that you will get after installing beta 3. hope you like this post and if you like then please don’t forget to share it with your friends, family members, and on social media and also visit daily on this website for reading new and helpful articles.