Easy way to scan documents Using iPhone’s Notes App on iOS 11

The Easy way to scan documents Using iPhone’s Notes app on iOS 11. Before, whenever we want to scan our documents on our iPhone. then firstly, we download the third-party app to do it. but since the launch latest iOS 11. then you don’t need to download the third-party app. because iOS 11 has its own scan documents app. you can do it by using the built-in app in iOS 11. and save a digital copy of it on your iPhone. I really like this feature. because it,s makes my work easier.

Although, if you are using third-party apps to scan documents then you will get more features compared to the Build-in Notes app. when it comes to scanning documents. but simple work is enough for some people. if you want to know that, How to scan documents Using iPhone’s Notes app on iOS 11. then follow this step by step Guide.

But before we start, I want to tell you that, this feature is only available on iOS 11 and later. If you are using the version prior to iOS 11, then you are not able to use this feature. so please firstly, make sure that you have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 11 and above version.

How to scan documents using iPhone’s Notes app

1: Firstly unlock your device and find the notes app on your device then open it. Tap on the new Note button on the right bottom corner of the screen. Or you have another way that you can press harder on the Notes app (3D touch) to directly access the New Note option.

2: After access to the new note. just tap the plus icon, which is showing in the middle part. then a new dialog box will appear to you and select the Scan Documents option.

3: And after that, scan your documents with your device camera. And it will prompt you to display the status in the document. Simply start to scan your document.

Scan documents

4: When you are taking your first documents then you are allowed to drag near corners to adjust and after that, if you want to scan the next page then tap on the keep scan. but if you want to scan just note then click on the save to save your document. you are also able to adjust the document color, size, rotation and write down some notes to this scanned document.

Scan documents

Complete Scan Documents

So it’s complete, now if you want to see your notes then go to the notes list and you will see your new note in the list along with a thumbnail of the document. As you can see, by scanning documents with the iPhone Notes app, it’s really easy and fast to save a digital copy of any documents.


Thank you for reading this article, we hope that, after reading this article you can scan your documents easily. so, if you like this article then please share this article with your friends and on social media and don’t forget to visit this website daily for reading new articles.


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