How to iOS 11 install on your iPhone

How to iOS 11 Install on your iPhone. it’s really good news for the iPhone users that Apple launches the new version of iOS. yeah, iOS 11 is available now to upgrade in the market for the public. And you will be very happy to know that iOS 11 has many new features.

Apple Says ” it will make iPhone better than before”

So you should also take advantage of this feature. upgrade now your current iOS version to iOS 11 and make your device powerful personal, and intelligent. if you don’t know that how to iOS 11 Install on your iPhone then keep reading this handy guide.

But before we go ahead. I want to tell you the most important thing before upgrade your current iOS version. when you upgrade your iOS version then it will lose your all data. so, keep in mind that, create your device backup before iOS 11 install.

One more thing, whenever we upgrade our current iOS version then it will need more space on our device. so also free up more space before iOS 11 install. You can install iOS 11 on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch directly, or with iTunes. so now, let’s move to the steps below to upgrade to the newest iOS version!

iOS 11 Install on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Over the Air

You will receive a notification about the iOS 11 on your iOS device screen after releasing the iOS 11. you can follow the pop-up or check it by yourself, just follow the steps below to download and install iOS 11.

1: Firstly connect your device to your computer or laptop with a USB cable.

2: Turn on your mobile internet data or connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. because if you are not turn on your device data or not connect to the Wi-Fi then you’ll charge for downloading the update over your cellular connection.

3: After connecting your internet, go to the Settings, and then tap on the General.

4: You have to need to tap on “Software Update” to check the update. and after that, if the update is available then select the download and install.

5: You must follow the terms: Enter Passcode then Tap on the Agree on Terms and Conditions > Tap on Agree to confirm.

6: And now Tap on the “Install Now” button then the update process will start. it will some time to download and install. so you have to wait patiently.

iOS 11 Install on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch via iTunes

I will show you another way to iOS 11 install on your device. you can install iOS 11 also with iTunes. if you don’t want to or can’t update over the air. just follow these 5 steps below.

1: Before the start, make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer, laptop, or Mac.

2: After that, Connect your Device to the Computer, Laptop, or Mac with a USB cable. then launch the iTunes.

3: Click on the device tab, and then select the summary.

4: After that, click on the “Check For Update” to check the update. if the update is available then click on the download and Update > Select Agree to confirm.

5: After that, you must enter your Passcode on your device.

iOS 11 install


Note: When the setup is complete then your device will reboot automatically and after Rebooting, it will be running the new iOS 11. You can get started with iOS 11.

Conclusion ( iOS 11 install )

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