How to Download free psp emulator games on iPhone

A lot of people wanted to know if there is a way to play the PSP Games as well on their iPhone. if you are also finding the way to play free ppsspp games on your iOS device then I want to tell you that you are at the right place. Yes, it’s true, The PPSSPP is back working on iOS 11. and in this article, I am gonna be showing you that how to Download free PSP emulator games on your iOS devices.  I almost forgot how good PSP games look on iOS.

Anyways welcome back to the website. it’s so nice to have you here. and thank you all for the support on this article. so, without wasting any more time. if you want to learn that how to download and play PSP games then follow along as we tell you here.

Download free PSP emulator games on iPhone

So in the beginning head to safari and type in the URL I, when you get to the website, click on the app section and scroll down until you find PPSSPP. click on it and then hit the install button then wait for the native iOS pop-up to appear and then hit install again now PPSSPP will begin to install on your iOS device.

However, if it does not install for you and you get the error unable to download the app. so don’t worry that is completely normal and all you have to do is try downloading the app again in a couple of days. once you do have PPSSPP and you try to open it then you will see a message from an untrusted enterprise developer.

To make the trusted app, all you have to need to go to the settings then go to the general and scroll down to profiles and device management. find the certificate for PPSSPP and hit trust.

Once you’ve trusted the application now you’ll be able to open it. but we need to download games.

Download free PSP emulator games on the computer

To download the games, you need to head to your computer. so go to your favorite web browser on your computer. and in the URL type and scroll over to the Roms section.  and then find Sony PSP, click on it and here you can find whichever PSP games you’re looking for. Whether you’re browsing by letter top 50 downloaded or just searching find the game that you want.

And when you get to the page for that game scroll down to the bottom and find the alternative download link and then click on it. once you’ve clicked on this it’ll tell you to click on an ad or to wait for 15 seconds and do whatever it tells you.

After that, your download button will appear and all you have to do is select to download your file then your download will begin.

PSP games are pretty big games. so it is going to take some time to download it took about 15 minutes. once your download is done go ahead and extract your 7z file. if you’re using Mac then you’ll need a program called the Yun archiver or if you’re using windows then you can download Winrar and extract that 7z file.

once you’ve extracted it. it’ll give you a folder with a dot ISO. in it go ahead and drag that into a safe place like your desktop and then open iTunes. if you don’t have iTunes then you must download it and then plug in your iOS device to your computer via its cable.


After plugging your device into the computer ( free PSP emulator games )

Once it’s plugged in, go ahead and click on the little iPhone or iPad icon that appears in iTunes then scroll down to the left to file sharing. after that, scroll PPSSPP and click on it. from here you’re going to drag your dot ISO file into the PPSSPP documents. it will take some time as we talked about before PSP games are pretty big so it will take some time to transfer into your iOS devices so just be patient with it.

Once the game is on your iOS device. you can go ahead and eject it. now let’s switch over to our iOS device and try to play the game.

However, if you try to play the game and it just crashes. so don’t worry that is normal and I’m gonna to be showing you how to fix that now.

So go ahead and reopen PPSSPP click on the settings at the right and then on the left select tools then select developer tools. click on CPU core and change it to the IR  interpreter core. now playing with this CPU core will not crash. when you try to play a game is awesome and now you can enjoy your favorite PSP games on PPSSPP. if this is running a bit slow. for you, I’ve some of the best settings.


free psp emulator games


so go ahead and use those settings and hopefully, that will increase the speed of the game for you and that is pretty much it.


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Conclusion ( free PSP emulator games )

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