Free movie app for iOS 12 – Get it before it get banned from the app store

Free movie app for iOS 12 – Hello guys, today I’m going to tell you about an amazing free movie app for iOS 12 that you can download directly from the app store that means you don’t need to jailbreak or any type of roots. Yeah, this awesome free movie app, you can download for free from the app store.

This new movie app provides you unlimited movies(latest movies) that you can watch in full resolution on your iPhone & iPad.

So, guys, show tracker is that movie box alternative that has just been released on the app store. you will need to be quick on downloading this app because probably it will get removed from the app store pretty fast.

So let’s go ahead and talk about the app. so when you open the app then you will see movies and TV shows on the home screen. it allows you to watch free movies and TV shows on your iPhone and all of that on HD of course. so if you open the app then you will see the home screen of the app, where you will have featured movies and the top right there you will have of course a search bar to search for any movie or TV show that you want and you will have also TV shows.

At the tab, in the bottom you will have movies then you will have TV shows and then you will have your watch list then you will have also the recent movies and TV shows that you have watched and of course your settings.

so let’s go ahead and see how you can watch movies & tv shows on this app.

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Download free movie app for iOS 12

free movie app iOS 12

So watching a movie is pretty simple or a TV show whatever you want. you just go ahead and tap on any movie and tv show to play and once it goes to the movie page then you will see the info right there.

You will see some related movies all you need to do is just tap on the given red button and it will show you different servers from where you can watch the movie.

You will see also the resolutions right there so you will have 1080p so just go ahead tap one of them and wait for the movie or TV show to load as easy as that.

And you can watch any movie or TV show for free on your iPhone with this free app of course. so the app is free it has some ads. but it’s absolutely free and you can see the movies load is pretty fast. so it’s easy as that, watching movies and TV shows absolutely for free on your iPhone with this app.

It’s pretty awesome so as I said you can download it absolutely for free on your iPhone from the app store. but hurry up and download it before Apple will remove it from the app store.

The UI of the app is really really nice, you will have TV shows, you will have popularly, you will have top-rated, you will have currently airing right there, you will have airing today, you will have different kinds of genres right there. so go ahead and download free movie app for iOS 12 for free.

LINK: Show Tracker

The Conclusion

So that’s pretty much it for this article guys. this is show tracker a free movie app for iOS 12. with the help of this app, you can watch free movies on iOS 12 devices. you can download this app from the app store. this is a really cool movie box alternative for your iOS 12 devices. I hope you guys enjoyed the article and if you like it then please don’t forget to share and also visit daily on this website for reading more new articles.