Free iPhone apps – 5 amazing apps that you must have on your iPhone

5 Free iPhone apps – Hello guys, today we are talking about the free iPhone apps that you must have on your iPhone & iPad. also, I will show you how you can use these apps. guys, these all apps you can download from the app store and I’m pretty sure that these apps are very useful for iOS users. so without wasting any more time, let’s go ahead and have a look at these free iPhone apps.

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5 Free iPhone apps

1: Send Anywhere

Send anywhere, it allows you to easily share your pictures or your video. so you can send them to your other phone, you can send them to your friends or you can send them to your computer.

How to use it

All you have to do, just go ahead open this app and select your images and click on the send button then it will give you a QR code or a six-digit code, which you can enter on your other device to receive those files or you can just scan QR code or if you want to send the link to someone just tap on the share link button and of course it requires you to sign in.

But if you have an account and sign in then you will be able to share that link. so you can send the link to someone and they can receive those files.

The good thing is that the pictures and the video will be in full resolution. so that’s really amazing. the received file is pretty simple. just go to receive and enter the key or scan QR code and then you will receive those files.

2: Photo Scanner by Photomyne

Photo Scanner by Photomyne, this app allows you to easily scan old pictures that you have those old-school like printed pictures that you might have, you can take a picture using this app. it will scan them and enhance them and they will look really really good on your iPhone.

How to use it

Just take a picture and when you take the picture so just tap and hold the button for three seconds and it will show you the picture and you will see how it will crop. it will scan it and it will look really really amazing.

3: Faster Internet Faster Internet, this app has been catching a lot of attention recently. it’s really amazing and what it does is that it will speed the internet connection of your iPhone. basically, when you load the website they will load much faster and if you have this app and have it enabled.

So it will add a VPN to your device and basically putting it in simple words. what this app will do is that stuff that has to be done through your internet provider. it will do them on your iPhone directly on your iPhone. so it won’t take that much time to load a website.

So it will load them much faster. because it will take care of things that have to be taken care of your internet provider. so the internet connects the connection has to go turn internet provider and then come back with this app everything will be done on your iPhone.

Basically, it will sort out all those things I don’t know much about it to go into details. but basically will make loading web pages way faster.

4: Visionist

Visionist is another app that allows you to customize your picture.

How to use it

So just open a picture and click on the arrow and it will allow you to add all those effects to the picture. it will have different effects that you can add and make the picture look really really cool. you will have different tools. also, you will have different stuff and you can add more abstract.

5: Unsplash

Unsplash, I know this is an old app. but it’s a really really cool app and it is free and it has a lot of offer you can find here a ton of wallpapers for your phone or for your desktop.

If you open this app then you will have different categories to explore. you will have the new wallpapers and if you like wallpaper you can tap the name of the artist to see more of that artist and of course, you will have a search bar to search for any wallpaper that you want.

The Conclusion

So that’s it for this article guys. these are the free iPhone apps that you can download from the app store.

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