Zestia for iOS – Download Zestia Candice for iPhone/ iPad [No Jailbreak Needed]

Zestia for iOSIf you ever tried Cydia on your iOS device then you must have the complete IDEA regarding Cydia and if you bored with Cydia then you must be looking for Zestia for iOS and you can download zestia Candice for iPhone and iPad for free without jailbreaking your iOS devices.

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Zestia for iOS/ iPhone/ iPad/ iPad Mini

This post is all about to download and install Cydia alternative Zesita on iOS device without any jailbreak and if you have been an iOS user then you must be aware that people do not like to break their iOS jail, but if you don’t do then you need to download plenty of applications becomes a task.

Zestia Candice isn’t exactly a Cydia alternative but the features that it offers to its users are quite similar and competitive. However, according to many zestia users, they claimed it to be simple and easy to understand user interface.

Following are some features that Zestia has to offer you for its tremendous user range. You must read the following features because we all should read out the features of apps so we can understand the app completely to use it without taking help from anyone.

Features of Zestia for iOS

  • Zestia offers one of the best tweaks for all the apps that are currently available in the app store.
  • However, while downloading anything from this app store, for instance, say tweaks the user has to pay but not while they are downloading it from the Zestia.
  • This application is quite compatible and runs well on all the iOS versions.
  • Installing zestia is so easy and it is like a layman’s job and within few seconds you can get this awesomCydiaia alternative on your iOS device.

Download Zestia for iOS/ iPhone/ iPad

Download Zestia Candice - Zestia App for iOS
Download Zestia Candice – Zestia App for iOS

Zestia is also known as X-Cydia because of their identical features, however, users who have been using this prefer this over Cydia, so let me tell you how to download zestia on iPhone for free.

  • The very first step you need to do is to, open Safari browser on your iOS device.
  • Now go to search bar and enter this URL http://xcydia.imdinteractive.com.
  • When you open the webpage you will see an option flashing on your device screen that says install zestia.
  • Now once the page loaded you will see an option flashing on your device screen that says install Zestia.
  • Tap on installation option button and start the process.
  • Now you have to complete all these steps you will be asked to install the profile and the user will have to enter the passcode Install the profile.
  • Go to Settings > General > Apps > Trust the Zestia app.
  • Now you are good to go and you can use this app.

Final Verdicts:

Now you have complete procedure to download zestia for iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini for free. If you still have any queries regarding Zestia iOS app then drop your comments in the comment section below.