Download new app store for iOS 12 & get tweaked apps, games & more!!

Download New App Store – Hello everyone, this time we have come back with a new app store for the iOS 12 device. with the help of this new app store, you can download tweaked apps, tweaked games, jailbreak apps for free without jailbreak. actually, it’s a Cydia/jailbreak alternative.

Yes, we know nothing can really compare to Cydia and jailbreaking. but when it comes to iOS 12, which of course doesn’t have a jailbreak.

This one is pretty cool and this is basically the best choice that we have for now. you can get tweaked apps and tweaked games and you can get themes for your device. it’s pretty awesome you can get also jailbreak apps that before you could only get on jailbroken devices.

So let us show you guys what we’re talking about. Cyrus hub lite, previously it was Cyrus hub. now is Cyrus hub lite this one is really really awesome. we really like it. so go ahead and open the website from the link that we will leave right down below the paragraph.

Link: Cyrushub

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Install New app store for the iOS 12 device

So open the link and install this new app store by following the given method. it’s pretty simple to use and also the app is very simple and has a very nice UI. so when you install it on your device then you go to your home screen then you will see Cyrus hub light right there. so the all-new Cyrus hub is really really amazing. so it’s everything is simple the UI is very nice.

What will you have in Cyrus hub lite

When you open it then just scroll down and you will have different sections. so you will have emulators then you will have entertainment, where you will find like music apps and movie apps all that stuff then you will have social media. so if you tap on the social media section then you’ll find some social media apps and these are all tweaked.

If you go back to the section then you’ll find tweaked apps and if you tap on the tweaked app section then you will see that all apps you can get from the app store. but these are tweaked versions of those apps.

So that’s amazing then you will also have other apps section. so if you open it then you will find all the jailbreak apps and you will find the iOS 12 beta.

You will have all the Electra in the jailbreak apps section. it’s really cool then you will have themes section for your device. so if you tap on it then you will see a number of themes that you can get for your device without a jailbreak. of course, we believe this should be updated and we will see pretty soon more themes right there and then you will have settings.

You can customize it then you can go ahead and find skins and if you tap on the + sign then you can paste the URL of the skin. if you want to add a new skin to Cyrus up.

In the settings, you will have thanks to section, where you will have tweak box, AppValley, and ignition. so this is the good this about Cyrus hub. it has all of three together. so in one place, you can search for stuff from these three sources.

Install an app from the Cyrus hub

Now let’s go ahead and talking about, how to install an app from this new app store. so if you want to install any app. so just go to any section you want and select any that you want to install. all you need to do is just go ahead tap on it. it will show you the details of the app.

It shows a description and then you will see there the three sources and you can choose from which one you want to install it. just tap on any sources, which you want to use to install that app and then click install on the pop-up and you’re good to go.

You will see that in a few seconds it will install on the home screen. so it’s as simple as that using the new Cyrus hub lite. once the app finishes installing, of course, all you need to do is go to settings and go ahead and trust the app and you’re good to go.

The Conclusion

So that’s pretty much it for this article guys. this is by far one of the best Cydia/jailbreak alternatives for iOS 12. so that’s it, thank you for reading this article. we hope you guys enjoy the article.

So go ahead and download this new app store and don’t forget to share this with your friends, family members, and on the social media and also visit daily on this website. because we update here everyday new and helpful articles. now we’ll see you guys on the next one.