How to charge your iPhone faster on iOS 12 with 5 easy tricks

5 Tips to charge your iPhone faster on iOS 12 – Hello guys, today we have come back with another article and in this article, we are gonna tell you that how you can charge your iPhone faster on iOS 12 with just 5 easy tips. almost we all are smartphone users and we are using our device for every work.

But we can’t do any work while our phone on charging and then we have to wait for the charging complete and as you all know that smartphones take so many time to charge, which is really disappointed. but if you want to charge your iPhone quick then follow these tips and then you can charge your iPhone faster and you can also use these tips on your Android device. so let’s go further and have a look at these tips.

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Charge your iPhone faster with 5 tips

1: Charge your iPhone, where is not a hot place

So the first tip we’re talking about is one that a lot of people might not know about is actually the temperature. so make sure you put your iPhone somewhere where it’s cold when you’re charging it.

If you put it on a blanket or something it might get hot and the battery will charge slower. so just make sure you put it like on a table on a surface, where is not a hot place. because that will make the battery charge way slower.

2: Turn on Airplane mode

Turning on the airplane mode while you’re charging your iPhone will also help charge faster your iPhone. because of course it will disconnect the iPhone from the network from the Wi-Fi and all that and the iPhone will use way less power. so just go to the control center order your settings and turn on the airplane mode while you’re charging your iPhone.

3: Turn on low power mode

Using the low-power mode also helps a lot. so of course on low power mode, the iPhone will consume way less battery and that will make it charge faster. so as less battery as the iPhone consumes it will charge your iPhone faster. so turn on low power mode to make the battery charge way faster.

4: Use the iPad charger

Another tick that I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys already know about is using the iPad charger. actually, if you are using an iPad charger to charge an iPhone will make it charge twice as fast.

5: Turning off your device while charging

The last one is completely turning off your device. so of course when your device is off it won’t consume any battery at all and this will make it charge way faster.

Of course, if you don’t need to have your iPhone on. make sure you turn it off. if you need the quick charge and that will make the iPhone charge way faster.

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. these are 5 tips and tricks on how to charge your iPhone faster. we hope you guys enjoy the article.

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