Filza Plus – How to Download FilzaPlus on iOS 12 – No Jailbreak

Install Filza

Install Filza Plus –┬áThe time of the FilzaEscaped has gone, it’s true that FilzaEscaped has achieved great success in its time and it’s also true that it has become old. Now, it’s time to try something new, so I want to introduce all of you to the new FilzaPlus. FilzaPlus is an amazing code editor … Read more

New movie Box alternative – Watch free movies in HD on iPhone

How to watch free movie HD

How To Watch Free Movies In HD – Do you think? the number of free movie apps are just a few on the app store, while Android is known only for providing free movies app to their users. Well, this is not the truth. because iOS users have unlimited numbers of movie apps. I know … Read more

Download 10 Best vShare alternatives for iPhone – No Jailbreak

vShare alternatives

10 vShare Alternatives – Whenever we hear about some amazing app then we want to download the same app with the help of app store, we download those apps. But sometimes it happens that we can’t find those apps on the App Store and then search on google for the apps and then face some … Read more

Tweaked apps for iPhone – Get this app to download ++apps

Tweaked apps for iPhone

Download Tweaked apps for iPhone – Previously, iOS users had just a few numbers of third-party app installers. but now, iOS users have also the same number of third-party app installer in the comparison of Android. but the main question is that, can we download all the app installer without jailbreak & root like Android. … Read more

How get tweaked apps on iOS 12 without Jailbreak – [New Way]

How to get tweaked apps

How To Get Tweaked Apps – The Apple app store provides countless apps & games and most of them we can download for free and some of them are paid. but still, many iOS users can’t find some apps on the app store and it happens due to strict rules of Apple. In that case, … Read more

How to Download golden Cydia store on iOS 12 without jailbreak

Golden Cydia Store

Download golden Cydia store on iOS – It’s really easy to install third-party apps on Android devices. but when it comes to the iOS users then it is limited. Android users have more things for downloading third-party apps. they can download modded apps for free without any root & limitations. but what about the iOS? … Read more

Best app installer for iPhone – Get tweaked apps on iOS 12

App installer for iPhone

App Installer For iPhone & iPad – Hello guys, this time I’ve another amazing app installer for iPhone & iPad that you can use on your iOS 12 or earlier devices even without jailbreak. last time I have shared an article and in that article, I’ve shown Best third-party app installers for iPhone & iPad. … Read more

Top 10 Third-party app installers for iPhone & iPad

third-party app installers

Top 10 Third-party app installers – Hello guys, in this post, I’m going to show you top 10 third-party app installers of 2019 for your iPhone & iPad and you can also say them Cydia alternatives. If you have an unjailbroken iPhone and don’t want to jailbreak it and also, want to download ++apps, tweaked … Read more

New Way! How to download GBA4iOS free on iPhone – No Jailbreak

Download GBA4iOS

Download GBA4iOS Free –We still have those games in our memory that we played in our childhood and now we have more new games. but whenever we feel tired & bore then only those games can release our stress. now, it’s too hard to find those games. Because As we all know, in the current … Read more

New Way! How to download AppEven on iOS 12 without jailbreak

Download AppEven

Download AppEven – WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, & Twitter. these are the most famous apps for chatting & sharing (photos, videos, & Stories). these all apps have amazing features. But still, some users are not satisfied with these apps features. so those users are downloading them modified version. But Play Store & App Store both … Read more