Best new music app – download this app now ** HURRY UP **

Best New Music App – Hello guys, today we have come back with a best new music app for the iOS device that you can get from the Apple app store for free.

It’s easy to download music from the Google. but apple dedicated some music app, where iOS users can download free music on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod and save them to listen offline.

The process of downloading music on the iOS device is really easy with the dedicated apps and the best thing is that your iOS device does not consume more battery percentage like music streaming, video streaming.

Music changes your bad mood into the good mood and many people like to listen to music on their device like iPhone, iPod, or Android and While if you can free download music for offline playback, it will enhance the experience.

Most people listen to music while they traveling or driving and the iPhone battery is very critical when you are traveling or drive.

Because you don’t want to waste your battery percentage to downloading music or music streaming and that’s why Apple creates these type of music app, where you save music to listen in the future.

So don’t wait, of course, you will need to hurry up and download this music app before it removed from the app store. usually, when we write these kinds of articles then we always talk about movie apps. but this time we’re talking about a music app.

In this article, we are talking about the music pocket app. it’s really really awesome it allows you to listen to songs for free also save them to listen offline. so that’s really great that’s the biggest feature of this app.

Download Best new music app for the iOS device

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You can download Music pocket in more ways. but the best thing is that you can download music pocket from the Apple store.

Apple still not removed this app from the Apple App store and remember one thing that Apple already removed lots of apps like this music app.

Don’t wait and download this best new music app now on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. I have left the link below the paragraph you can redirect on the downloading page by clicking on this link

Click Here: Download music pocket

How to use it 

So when you open this app then you will see the home screen, where you will have some top songs and that stuff.

Then you will have the playlists tab down and then you will have find tab, where you can search for any song album or artist and it will find them right away.

So you will have some like featured songs on the home screen. so if you want to save one of these songs to listen to them offline it’s really easy to do. so just go to the song and you can go ahead and tap left side, where you will have three dots and add it to the playlist.

Best new music app

Now just go ahead and create a playlist and add this song to that playlist and you’re good to go. now when you go to your playlist then you will see that this song is saved into the playlist. but it’s not saved on your device. so listen offline what you need to do is just enable this switch and then this song is saving. it will be saved on the device and you can play it even if your device is not connected to the internet.

Best new music app

In the conclusion

Thank you for reading this article guys. so that’s it guys this is music pocket go ahead and give it a try is absolutely free. it’s really amazing very easy to use very nice UI and the biggest feature save songs to listen to them while their device is offline.

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