How to backup and restore data of iPhone iPad with/without iTunes

How to backup and restore data of iPhone/iPad with/without iTunes.

Apple launched iTunes and it helps you to connects to the iTunes store then you can download and purchase apps movies music and more.

And the most amazing feature is that you can create backup your backup on iTunes and also can restore the backup. when you need it.

Apple also launches the new generation of iPhone – iPhone 8 and iPhone X. so, many users of iPhone upgrade their iPhone into the iPhone 8 or X.

And then they need to transfer their data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone.

So, first they need to create a Backup and then they can transfer their data easily on the new iPhone.

Learn here, How to Create Backup of iPhone iPad with/without iTunes.

we hope you have learned how to Create Backup. so, now we only focus on how to restore iPhone/iPad from iTunes backup.

1: How to Restore iPhone/iPad from iTunes Backup (Backup and Restore Data)

Note: Before adopting the traditional way to restore iPhone iPad from iTunes backup.

After restoring the backup. I want to tell you that, your all existing data will be erased.

1: Firstly, connect your device to the Computer, Laptop or Mac with a USB cable.

After that, open iTunes on your Computer then click on the Summary on the left of iTunes windows and now click on the Restore Backup.

Backup And Restore Data

2: Select one backup. which you want to Restore from iTunes.

Backup And Restore Data


  • To restore iPhone/iPad with iTunes, please make sure that the destination device is newer than the backup device because iTunes doesn’t support backup to an older device than the backup device.
  • Don’t forget to turn off Find My iPhone Before restoring.

How to Selectively Restore iPhone/iPad from iTunes Backup

If you want to Restore selectively backup from the iTunes backup. then first, you need to download PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery.

iMobie PhoneRescue is developed to the iPhone and Android users for Recover deleted data and Restore iTunes Backup.

You can Restore the selective data from iTunes backup by the iOS data Recovery tool.

One more thing, when you restore your data from iTunes then your all existing data will not be deleted and PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery just recovers data from iTunes backup to your iDevice.

Download phoneRescue from here. and follow steps below.

1: After downloading the PhoneRescue tool then install it on your Computer, Laptop or Mac then launch it.

Select Recover from iTunes Backup and click on the arrow button.

Backup And Restore Data

2: Choose one Backup and then tick on the Types of data. which you want to Restore.

you can scan all data. just tick Select all and click on ok.

Backup And Restore Data

3: Preview and choose data that you want to Restore.

Then click on the Recover to Device or Recover to Computer button on the bottom right to start restoring selected data.

Backup And Restore Data

The Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article. Above are how to backup iPhone/iPad to iTunes and restore the iPhone/iPad from iTunes.

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