How To Fix Apple iPhone Red Screen Problem

How To Fix Apple iPhone Red Screen Problem. sometimes when we are restarting our iPhone then suddenly our iPhone screen turns into red after the apple logo. Red Screen error is a dreaded issue on any iPhone, but, some people think that it’s a display fault and they are going to the apple store to fix this problem.

But it’s not like that it’s a software-related problem and you can fix this problem yourself. here I will share my experience with you about the red screen problem. so, keep reading this article.

Apple iPhone red screen


1:  Restart or Reboot Your iPhone (Apple iPhone Red Screen)

To restart your iPhone just press hold the sleep button for few seconds until you will not see the red slider on your iPhone screen and when you see the red slider then swipe the slider to shut down your iPhone. and then to restart your iPhone just press and hold the Sleep button again until the apple logo will not appear you.

Apple iPhone Red Screen


2: Reset Your iPhone

We hope the above method will work for you to resolve the red screen problem. But if unfortunately, the method will not work for you then don’t worry we have another way to fix this problem.

You can try to reset your iPhone. To reset your iPhone just holding down the Sleep and Home button together for about 10 seconds, which should automatically reset the iPhone.

Apple iPhone Red Screen

3: Restore/Update Your iPhone

  • Firstly, Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop with a USB cable and then launch iTunes.
  • And after that, force your iPhone to a hard reset while still connected to iTunes, just press and hold the Sleep and Home buttons together for about 10 seconds.
  • When you will see the restore/update option. then you have to need to select any one option according to your choice. then the iTunes app will restore your iPhone using the backup files or reinstall the latest update iOS version on your iPhone.

Apple iPhone Red Screen

4: Recover your lost data on your iPhone

when you are using the above method of restoring and updating then you lost your iPhone’s recently updated data. so don’t worry you can recover your all data by iCloud or iTunes and you can also use the third-party app to recovering your data.

The Conclusion

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