TutuApp, AppValley, & TweakBox alternatives for iPhone [Updated]

TutuApp, AppValley, & TweakBox alternatives – It’s a really disappointing thing for the iOS users that they are not able to use TweakBox, AppValley, & TutuApp anymore on their devices. Actually, due to Strict rules of Apple, some famous app stores revoked.

Unjailbroken iOS device users have only 2 ways to download tweaked apps, hacked games, emulators, paid apps for free.

The first way is they have to jailbreak their device to download all of them and the other one is they can download them with the help of these types of apps like AppValley, TutuApp & TweakBox.

But now these famous app stores are not working for a while. so they are seeking to download tweaked apps, hacked games, and all the jailbreak apps.

So after spending so much time on research, finally, I have found some amazing app stores that are still working on unjailbroken devices.

It’s not the same as TutuApp, TweakBox, AppValley. but they will help you to download jailbreak apps on your iPhone & iPad without jailbreak. the best thing about these app stores is that some of them are working on the iOS 12 devices.

So now let’s go ahead guys, and let me show you all the app stores one by one and also, I’ll show you how you can download these all app stores on your iPhone & iPad without jailbreak.

Guys, you can also say them Cydia alternatives.

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TutuApp, AppValley, & TweakBox Alternatives

1: Zestia

Zestia Step is in the first place in my list, Zestia Step is the best and most updated Non-Jailbreak iOS Application Assistant out there. Step lets you search, download & install cracked applications. Step looks and compares various online app-sources and always shows you the most recent & updated ones. if you want to download Zestia for iOS 12 or earlier then read the guide below.

Download Zestia

2: TopStore

TopStore is also one of the famous third-party app stores that allow you to download tweaked apps, hacked games, emulators, screen recorders, paid apps for free, movie apps, music apps for free without jailbreak. guys, there are lots of ways to download TopStore. but if you want to know the simple way to download it then click on the link below and read the step by step guide then you can download TopStore easily for free without jailbreak.

Download TopStore

3: Pixi Store

Pixi Store is not the famous app store. but it’s also an amazing app store and the best thing about it is that now you can apply your own apps and sign them with just an “IPA Link”. It’s not free. It’s $1.5 for entire lifetime. it will be free when we reach enough user. they Promise, Pixi store will be the First ever free signing service everyone without any revokes!

Download Pixi Store

4: vShare

vShare is also one of the best app stores that provide unlimited apps for iOS, Android, & PC. vShare Market is one of the most popular third-party app stores right now and the popularity of this app store is growing every day. all content you can download for free from the vShare even without jailbreak. to know how to download vShare on iPhone & iPad, read the guide below.

Download vShare

5: iTweakOS Download 

The iTweakOS download is the last but not least. I know some of you already know about that and also, some of you already have iTweakOS. so, guys, it also provides all the tweaked apps in a single place and you can download them for free without jailbreak.

Download iTweakOS

The Conclusion

So, guys, these are the TutuApp, AppValley, & TweakBox alternatives that you can download for free without jailbreak. hope, you like these alternatives and post. guys, there are some more apps like TweakBox, TutuApp, & AppValley. but these alternatives is the best for iPhone & iPad. if you like my post then please don’t forget to share it and also visit daily on this website for reading more new and helpful articles.