Best Way to Record iPhone Screen With Audio Without Any Apps

Record iPhone Screen With Audio – Hello guys, if you are a gamer or YouTuber then you probably need a screen recorder for your iPhone which is now in-built in your device. you just need to enable it and then you are good to go.

There are a lot of free screen video recorder software that you can download from the internet. but the only thing is that most of them are paid and rest comes with 1 week or 1-month free trial. but if you have iPhone with iOS 11 or later then you will glad to hear that all the version of iOS that comes after iOS 10 has the in-built easy screen recorder.

The free screen capture lets you record your iPhone screen with the audio, which is really helpful if you are making a video on the app review, Apple iPhone tutorial, app tutorial, demonstrate a bug or make funny videos, and playing games on your Phone.

iOS 11 or later comes with a well-designed control center, where you will have the option of record the iPhone screen with audio.

Guys, keep in mind that the control center comes only with iOS 11 or later. so first of all, make sure that you have the iOS 11 and above version on your iOS device.

If you are not using iOS 11 then please simply update your older iOS version into iOS 11.

Guys, another thing that I want to tell you, this function will not be provided by default in Control Center. so all you have to need to add it to Control Center from Settings. then you can access it easily.

How to Record iPhone Screen With Audio

  • Open your device & navigate to Settings then go to Control Center.
  • Now, Customize the Control Center.
  • Here, just find the screen recorder by scrolling, and once you found it then tap on it to add to the Control Center.

Free Screen Capture

  • After completing the steps above, come back to the home screen and open your control center by swiping down from the top of the iPhone.
  • Guys, if you are using iPhone X or later then you need to swipe down from the top for bringing the control center and if you using iPhone 8 or earlier then you need to swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone for bringing control center.
  • When you open the control center then you will see the screen recorder button.
  • So just tap on it whenever you want to record your iPhone screen and the recording will start in just 3 seconds.

Free Screen Video Recorder

  • Guys, if you want to record your voice with the screen recorder then just open the control center and 3D Touch or long-press the Screen Record icon then you will see a pop-up where you will have the start recording button and if you see at the bottom of the pop-up then you will have the option of the microphone.

Easy Screen Recorder

  • So if you want to record screen with your audio then make sure that you have enabled that button.

How to Stop Screen Recording

while the screen recorder is running on your iOS device. then you will see a red status bar at the top of your phone screen. so you are aware of whether it’s on or not.

So, to stop the recording, just tap on the red status bar, and when you tap on the red status bar then it will show you pop up that will ask to you for stopping the recording screen. then tap on the stop button.

Record Screen

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