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iPhone tricks and tips – Hello everyone, Today I have come back with some iPhone tricks and tips and these all tricks you can use on your iOS 12 device and most these you can use iOS 11 as well. guys, I’m pretty sure that most of you guys still don’t know about these iPhone tricks and tips. so you should definitely read this article. so let’s go further and have a look at these iOS 12 tips and tricks.

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8 iPhone tricks and tips on iOS 12

1: Trackpad Feature

you know the trackpad feature that has been around for a while on 3d touch devices when your force touch on the keyboard to move the cursor. well now with iOS 12 you can do the same even in devices that don’t have force touch. you can tap and hold the spacebar and it will turn it into a trackpad.

So I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys already know about this. but a lot of you guys might not know that when you go to the trackpad you can simply tap once more like this and then you can go ahead and easily select any text that you want.

2: Find Any Song By Lyrics

The new music app on iOS 12. now lets you find songs using their lyrics. so if you hear a song but you don’t know the name of the artist or the little of that song. but you just pick up some of the lyrics then you can go ahead and search it. so just search for any of lyrics that you want and then you will see that it will find that song.

3: Face ID

On the iOS 12, if faced ID fails to recognize your face then all you have to do when it sends you to the passcode screen is just go ahead and swipe up. so if it sends you to the passcode screen then just swipe up to make it quickly rescan your face.

4: Hide App From The Home Screen

The new iOS 12 screen time feature. now lets you hide apps from your device. so you just go ahead go to settings then go to screen time and then go to the content and privacy and now go to allowed apps and then here you will have a few apps these are like stock iOS apps.

You can go ahead and hide them by just disabling the app right there and then you will see that it will hide that app from the home screen of your device. so you don’t want someone to access those apps. you can go ahead and quickly disable them directly.

5: Block Any Website

The new screen time feature now also allows to block any website or basically block all the website and just allow those that you want. so go to screen time then go to content privacy and then just go ahead and from here go to content restriction and then web content.

If you go here allow the website only and then you will see that you have a list of websites right there. you can add other websites that you want and basically, only these will allow being accessed from your device.

6: Enable Speak Screen

If you go to the settings app and then go to general then go to accessibility and then go to speech. now you can enable speak screen, this allows you to easily read any article while your iPhone will read it for you. so just open a website just swipe with two fingers from up to down and it will show you an interface and then it will start just reading anything that is on the article. so just tap play and it basically read everything that’s on the screen.

7: Quickly Message Or Call On Number That You Have Copied On The Clipboard

If you have a number copied like a phone number copied on the clipboard of your device. you can now quickly message that number or call that number directly from the spotlight search. so whenever you go to the spotlight search then it will show you two different buttons you have one to send a message and you have another one to quickly make a call.

8: Choose More Colors While Mark An Screenshot 

If you take a screenshot on your device and if you want to mark it up. so when you go to choose a color then you will have a panel, which allows you to choose way more colors. you will have basically all the colors that you need and you can go ahead and easily select from here whichever color you want.

The Conclusion

So that is it for this article guys. these are some awesome iPhone tricks and tips that you can do on your device on iOS 12. most of them on iOS 11 as well that you probably didn’t know existed. I hope you guys enjoy the article and these iPhone tips and tricks.

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