New! How to install tweaked apps on iPhone without jailbreak

How to install tweaked apps – Hello guys, today I will show you guys a new way on how to install tweaked apps on your device.

You probably know by now that all the Cydia alternatives TweakBox, AppValley, TutuApp all of them are shut down for quite a while now and they are currently not working.

But there is a new way on how you can download those tweaked apps and now without revoke. so the apps won’t revoke and you will be able to use them on your device for as long as you want.

I know guys, unjailbroken device users had only a few ways to download tweaked apps, hacked games for iOS, and download third-party content. but some the famous app stores is not working on the iPhone & iPad right now.

But you don’t need to worry, because there are still some remaining app stores that are working perfectly on the iOS device and PixiStore is one of them.

So first of all, I am going to tell you a little bit about the app and then I am going to show you how to download PixiStore on your iPhone & iPad without jailbreak.

PixiStore is the app is pretty awesome and it’s very simple to use. so when you open it then all you have there are two tabs. you will have the home and you will have some general information and of course, you can change also the color and you will have the theme a little tweak there and if you go the second tap by clicking on the heart shape icon then you will find a list of all the apps that you can install on your device. so those apps are some of the main apps most used apps.

Download PixiStore: How to install tweaked apps

How to install tweaked apps

First of all, you will have to enroll with this app and you will have to register your UDID in order for these apps to work. so here’s how you can do it in order to get your device registered on this app and being able to install all of those cool tweak apps. you will have to enroll from their program. so you just visit the website that I will leave the link below the paragraph.

LINK: Pixi Store

When you are on the website then you will see that there are two slots of PixiStore users; free and paid. as a free user you have to need to click enroll now and if you wish to be a paid user, please tap on ‘Add to Cart’ button and you will get redirected to a PayPal checkout page, so you need to pay 3$ to become a paid user.

Now what you need to do here is register your device. so what you need to do is just enter your name and the UDID of your device and then enter your email right there and specify your device right there and you’re good to go.

If you don’t know your UDID then you can get it by connecting your device to iTunes or if you don’t want to do that then you can follow the guide below to get UDID.

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How to Get UDID of your iOS device

Go ahead and go to the website by tapping on the given link below and then tap on the “tap to find UDID” and now it will install a profile on your device. once you have this installed then it will take you back to that website and will show you your UDID.


So it’s as easy as that you can get your UDID and copy it from the website and paste it on the field right there.

So this is how you can download Pixi store and enroll in log in their program and then be able to install tweak apps for free on your device and without a revoke.

The Conclusion: Tweaked apps for iOS 

So this app store is still working on iPhone & iPad. guys there are some apps like tweakbox and they all are not working on iPhone & iPad. you will have the best option to download tweaked apps until the TweakBox, AppValley, and tutuApp recovers again. thank you guys for reading this article and being with us. hope, this article will helpful for all of you and if you like my post then please don’t forget to share it and also visit daily on this website for reading more new and helpful articles.