How to download Kodi app on iOS 12 | No jailbreak – [100% Working]

How To Download Kodi App On iOS 12 – This step by step guide will help you to download Kodi app on your iOS 12 devices without jailbreak. the official app store doesn’t have Kodi app, that doesn’t mean that you can’t download it on the iOS devices. if you have a jailbroken device then with the help of Cydia, you can download Kodi app on your iOS devices. but now it comes to the unjailbroken devices. can we download this amazing app on our unjailbroken devices without jailbreak? then my answer is yes.

There are many websites & apps that claim that they help you to download Kodi on your iOS devices without jailbreak. but most of them are fake and can be harmful to your iOS devices. so finding the genuine way, is really too hard. because we can’t check one by one every website or apps.

So, don’t worry guys, because I have done it already for you and found an amazing way that let you download Kodi app on your iOS 12, 11, 10, & 9 devices without jailbreak. so let’s go to the downloading guide. also, I’ll tell those users about the Kodi app, who don’t know about it.

How to download Kodi app on iOS 12

What is Kodi app 

Kodi is an open source free media center that is better than Windows Media Center & better than anything. Apple puts out it’s the best, Kodi runs on a huge range of devices and operating systems like Apple and Windows PC, Android, jailbroken iPhones, & Linux. with it, you can view your photos, your videos, your movies, your TV shows, your music. you can stream stuff, you can watch the podcast and listen to podcasts, you can play games on it and you can do almost everything with this software and it’s made by the community.


  • It allows you to play your all music including mp3, lac, wav, and WMA formats.
  • Kodi support all the video formats including streamable online media.
  • The TV Shows library supports episode and season views with posters or banners, watched tags, show descriptions and actors. Great for keeping track of your progress.
  • You can watch & record the live streaming with the help of Kodi.
  • Kodi allows you to control your media your way.
  • Kodi allows you to completely change the whole appearance of the interface with skins.
  • You can download it free & without jailbreak.

So these are just a few features, but it has a ton of amazing features that you will know after using it. now, let’s move to download guide.

Downloading guide

  • To download Kodi app, you need to download TweakBox.
  • By clicking on the TweakBox link, you can redirect on the TweakBox’s official website and it doesn’t require jailbreak. so you can download it free without jailbreak.
  • On the website, you will see a big “Install Now” button then it will take you to settings, where you will see an install profile.
  • So click on the “Install Button” and then “Install” again when prompted to get the app.
  • After installing Tweakbox, it will be on your home screen. so go to your home screen and open it.
  • When you open it then you will see three tabs at the top.
  • Select the apps tab and go to the search bar and search for the Kodi app.
  • once you found the app then click on it and install the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the Kodi app on your iOS devices then don’t open it. because you can’t open the third-party app before trusting it. now, go to the Settings and then go to the General and scroll all the down to Profile & Device Management and here you will see the TweakBox’s profile by named “ENTERPRISE APP“.

Now click on the “Trust” button and then click on “Trust” again when it appears.

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The Conclusion 

Kodi Download – Thank you guys for reading this article. now, with the help of TweakBox, you can download the Kodi app on your any iOS devices without jailbreak and different Add-ons will helps you to watch movies, Tv shows, live streaming. hope you enjoyed the article and if you like it then please share this post and also visit daily on this website for reading more new & helpful articles.