How to Control PS4 With iPhone without jailbreak – 100% Working

How To Control PS4 With iPhone – Hello guys, if you are a PS4 user then this post is only for you. in this post, I m going to show you how you can control PS4 without controller with your iPhone, iPad, & Android as well.

We all love to play games in free time for enjoying & release stress and some of us play games on smartphones.

But those who are addicted to games buy gaming devices like PS4 and if are you are also addicted to games and you have PS4 gaming device then sometimes you may face some problems like your controller stopped working, you lost your controller or your controller has broken.

But don’t worry guys, I have good news for you and you will glad to hear that you can use your phone as PS4 controller in such a case if you lost PS4 controller or your controller stopped working. It doesn’t matter that you have iPhone, iPad & Android device. this app can work on all the iOS devices that are running iOS 12 version.

Yeah, there is a free ps4 remote play app developed by the PlayStation which is working on both (iOS & Android) devices perfectly.

So let’s go ahead and first let me tell you about the app’s features & downsides then I’ll show you how to use it.

How To Control PS4 with iPhone, iPad & Android

PS4 Remote Play is that app about which I am talking in this post. the app will give you the same functionality as the real controller but the grip and shape are different.

This app will give you all the same options & features that you have on your PS4 controller accept the controller support option.

As I said that you can use this on the iOS devices that are running iOS 12 or later. but if you are using below iOS 12 versions then this app is not for you. firstly you have to upgrade your iOS version then you can use it. now let’s have a look at the features & downside.


  • Display PS4 screen on your Mobile Phone
  • It’s a completely free app to download & use.
  • Also, you can use your phone to type anything to your PS4.
  • The app size is just 20.5 MB.
  • You can control your PS4 with your iPhone & iPad.
  • You will get the same features that you used on your controller.


  • You can’t use the app with your cellular data so you have to need a Wi-Fi connection.
  • The app needs a high-speed internet connection so make sure that you are using a good internet connection.
  • Controller support isn’t available in the app.
  • You can’t use this app for such heavy games like Dualshock 4.
  • The app doesn’t support all the PS4 games.

Guide: How To Control PS4 With iPhone For Free?

You can do it in just a few steps so what you need to do is just download the PS4 Remote Play app from the app store and then connect the app to your PS4 device and then you’re good to go.

How to Control PS4 With iPhone

Guys, one important thing that I want to tell you it will drain your phone’s battery fast. now let’s go ahead and see how to use the app.

First of all, open the app store and search for the PS4 Remote Play app then install the app by following the given instructions. it also available on the Google PlayStore so Android users can download it from the Google PlayStore.

Guys, if you want to connect 2 devices to your PS4 then you can do it by just downloading another app called PS4 Second Screen.

How to Control PS4 With iPhone

It allows you to connect you another device with your PS4 and it also available on both platforms (PlayStore & App Store).

Now if you have downloaded the PS4 Remote Play then just make sure that you have connected both (Phone & PS4) with the same internet Wi-Fi.

After that open the app and then straight up tap on start and then it will search for the nearest PS4 that is connected to the same internet.

In just a few seconds, the app will connect with your PS4 automatically. so you can play your game by using your iPhone as a controller. also, you can use your Phone in horizontally and vertically mode.

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The Conclusion: PS4 Controller For iOS

So that’s enough for this article guys and I hope that I’ve covered all the thing what I should tell you and if I forgot something then you tell me on my Facebook page then I’ll fix it.

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