How to Get iOS 12.1 cool emojis on your iOS 11 or earlier iOS versions

Get iOS 12.1 Cool Emojis on the older iOS versions – Hey guys, are you looking to get iOS 12.1 emojis on your older iOS versions then you are at the right place. because in this article, I’ll show you that how you can get iOS 12.1 cool emojis on your iOS 11 or earlier device.

Guys, iOS 12.1 comes up with extra amazing emojis, which are not present on the iOS 11 or earlier device and if you want to get them without upgrading your older iOS versions into the iOS 12 then this complete guide will help you.

Actually, whenever earlier iOS versions users want to install the emojiport installer on their device then they were facing an error. but now the app developer has been fixed the issue. so you can install the emojiport installer on your device.

But make sure that you have jailbroken iOS device to do that and if you are using an unjailbroken device then firstly, you have to need to jailbreak your iOS device and then you will be able to do that.

If you don’t know how to jailbreak your device then click on the anyone link below to know how to jailbreak the iOS device.

Now let’s go further and have a look at the guide. but make sure you have following all the steps below. because if you will leave anyone step then you can’t get these cool emojis.

Get iOS 12.1 cool emojis on older iOS versions

Cool Emojis


If you think that after installing emojiport installer on your device, you will lose your old emojis then don’t worry. because it will make the backup of your all emojis and whenever you uninstall the installer then you old emojis will be restored.

  • First of all, open the Cydia on your iOS device.
  • Add the sources, which I’ve left below.
  • After added the sources above, search emojiport install and install it on your iOS device.

So the given process is really easy. you just need to complete the given 5 steps and you can easily hold the iOS 12.1 cool emojis on your iOS 11 or earlier device. again, remember that your device must be jailbroken.

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