How to get free Jailbreak iOS 11.4.1 with the NEW Pangu

Free Jailbreak – Hello guys, today we are showing you a path that helps you to jailbreak your iOS 11.4.1 device. yeah, some days ago the iOS 11.4.1 version has launched and now we have discovered that how we jailbreak this version.

So, guys, the jailbreak process is completely simple. just connect your device with the home Wi-Fi or if you have mobile internet data then you can use it and if you have done this process then let’s go further.

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How to get free jailbreak iOS 11.4.1 device ( 2 steps )

Step 1

So first all, go to the Safari browser and type in the search box or I have also left a link below the paragraph. you can redirect on the website by just clicking on the link.

But make sure that you have open the link in the Safari browser. the Safari is not compulsory. actually, you can use any browser. but I recommend you for using the Safari browser.

Click here:

When you are on the website then you will get a brief explanation, how this works and they will tell you that you can’t install Cydia on a device that has not been jailbroken. but you can, of course, install Apple-approved apps. like cooking fever as an example. now the pangu team has found a smart way to simply hide the jailbreak in Cydia inside of an approved application.

So the result is that you get an approved application that has Cydia and the jailbreak hidden inside of it. so when you start this application.

You also start the jailbreak and installation of Cydia in the background. so you can read for yourselves. but anyway go to the and scroll to the bottom.

When you scroll down to the bottom then you will see download the app here icon. now click on this icon at the bottom to get to the free jailbreak injected apps store.

free jailbreak

Now when you click the link. usually, it takes you directly to a free jailbreak injected app, all of the apps are free of course. sometimes you could take two stupid add sites. if you do then simply go back and try again seems like a got jailbreaking checked app straight away.

Step 2

Now simply go to install this free jailbreak injected app and started up and when you started this app the jailbreak process installation of Cydia and so on is running in the background.

So you need to keep this app up and running for about 30 seconds or so to get the jailbreak time to install itself.

You don’t need to do anything in the app. so don’t sign up for any offers or anything if there are any such in the app. they won’t help either it works straight away or it doesn’t work at all. just restart your device if approximately 30 seconds have passed.

Now, these apps sometimes get patched and when they do get patched it simply means that they no longer work. so after restarting your device. If the app doesn’t work then it simply means that it has been patched and you just need to try another one. but of course, all apps of 100% free that one is 100% free and direct downloads.

All the sited with so-called human verification or fake avoid them they are just scams and when you see the pangu symbol. So that’s mean that it works.

They are all 100% free there are no human verification source race or and crap like that.

Everything that has that or fakes especially human verification or very popular scams when it comes to jailbreaks. so if you see a human verification just turn around and walk away it’s a scam. so now your device has become jailbreak device and you can see Cydia on your home screen.


Thank you for reading this article. guys, really that’s how easy it is to jailbreak the new iOS 11.4.1 device. if you enjoyed this article and you like this jailbreak then please share this with your friends, family members and on the social media and also visit on this blog. because we update here every day new and helpful articles.