How to download tweaked apps & hacked games on iOS 12 [No Jailbreak]

Download Tweaked Apps & Hacked Games On iOS 12 – Hello guys, Today I’ve come back with another guide and in this guide, I’ll show you guys, how you can download tweaked apps, hacked games, and much more stuff on your iOS 12 device without jailbreak.

It’s a really cool way to install ++tweaked apps on your iOS 12 device also tweaked games as well. so now you can do this only by using the shortcuts app by Apple.

So you can use the shortcuts app to install tweaked apps and tweak games on your iOS 12 device. so let’s go ahead and see how you can download tweaked apps & hacked games on your iOS 12 device.

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Download tweaked apps & hacked games on iOS 12

First of all, I just want to let you know that I found out about this shortcut using the new website.

This is a pretty cool new website that will daily update and it shows you the latest shortcuts also daily wallpapers, daily tips and tricks and also daily apps that you will have to quickly.

so go ahead and install on your device before they get banned and removed from the app store.

So this is the website, where I got this shortcut from.

Download tweaked apps

It’s pretty awesome go ahead and check it out daily this shortcut and it allows you to install the tweaked apps and games directly from App valley on your device without having it on your device.

So without installing AppValley on your device. so that’s really really cool all you have to do is just go ahead tap on the shortcut to run it. it will show you the list of apps on the home screen.

It will show you a long list of ++app. so you will have all tweaked apps and then you will have tweaked games and other apps as well.

How to install the apps

So installing one of the apps, it’s very very simple just go ahead and choose whichever app you want to go ahead and install on your device.

Just tap on the app and it will show you a pop-up. so click on install and then click no if you don’t need those instructions and then click ok.

Once you go to the home screen then you will see the app is already being loaded and installed on the device.

So that’s really really awesome. this is how quick you can get any of the ++apps or tweak games on your device.

Now all you have to do is just go to settings then go to general and go ahead go to profiles and device management and make sure you trust the app.

Just like this you can go ahead and install ++apps, tweaked apps, and tweak games directly from the shortcuts app by Apple just using a shortcut.

The Conclusion

So that’s basically it for this article guys. thank you guys for reading and being with us. I hope you enjoy the article. so, guys, this is the easiest way to download tweaked apps & hacked games on your iOS 12 device.

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