Get these apps from app store & download music and videos free

Download Music and Videos for free – Hello guys, today we have come back with another great article and in this article, we are going to show you that how you can download music and videos for free on your iPhone & iPad.

Guys, in this article, we are talking about two great apps that you can get from the app store for free and the best thing is that you can download both apps without jailbreak.

But we want to tell you that you have to hurry up to download these apps. because Apple already removed some of the apps like them.

So download these apps before they get removed from the app store.

Every iPhone users want to download music and videos for free. but they don’t know the right way and this way will help you to download videos from any social media website like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.

So let’s go further and have a look at both apps.

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Download music and videos for free

1: Player GR

Download music and video for free

Player GR, this app is really really awesome. it allows you to listen to music for free and also it has an awesome feature that everyone wants to listen to that music offline.

So that’s really really awesome. if you open this app then you will see that it app looks like il player that was an app that was famous a long time ago.

But that was removed from the app store and now this app has taken its place, it’s really awesome.

How to Use it

All you have to do is just open this app and search for any music that you want and then once you listen to that song.

In a few seconds, it will show under history and once this song says cache that means that you will be able to play it offline.

So when you playing the song then you will see the orange bar at the top and once that files up. it will say cached, which means that this song has been saved to play offline.

All you have to do is just play the song for a few seconds and it will save and you will be able to play it even if your device is offline.

So that’s really really awesome I know a lot of people prefer that feature to listen to music while their device is not connect to the internet.

2: DoDa+

DoDa+ | this is really awesome. it allows you to download any video you want from any social media website. so that’s really really great.

How to use it

All you have to do is just copy the link from the app. so open the social media app and go to the video copy the link and then just open DoDa+ and go to the browser and then just paste that link that you have copied just click on the go button and all you have to do once the video loads is just play the video as easy as that and it will show you option.

So click on the download format and then the video will save on your device. so tap on the three lines that you will see on the top left corner and you will see that you have the downloaded videos. that’s really great.

so you will have there a list of all the videos that you have saved and you can also save them not just on this app. but on your camera roll as well.

Just tap the share button and click on the save video and that video will save on the camera roll of your device. so that’s really really awesome.

The Conclusion

so that is it for this article guys. these are two really awesome apps that you can get from the app store right now.

But of course, you will need to hurry up and download them before they get remove from the app store.

You can download these apps for free.

So guys now you can download music and videos for free on your iPhone & iPad. hope, you guys enjoy the article.

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