How to download iTransmission on your (iPhone/iPad) without jailbreak

Download iTransmission – Hello guys, if you love to download movies & games from the torrents like me and want to the same feature on your iOS device to download movies & games from the torrent.

So here we have a trick that helps you to download torrent files on your iOS device without the jailbreak. actually, Apple not allows to running torrent directly on the iOS device. because torrent is illegal in some area and maybe that’s why Apple still not allows to running torrent on their iOS device.

But don’t worry we have another way to download torrent files on your iOS device. if talk about the Android device then you can download torrent on the Android device. but in that case, iTransmission is the only and best to do it on the iOS device.


Guys, before moving further let’s talk about the torrent. hope you all know that the torrent is the largest movies & games downloading website and the best thing about it that it’s fully free. so you can download here all types of movies, games, software, and video song as well.


iTransmission is that app which is especially for the iOS device that allows iOS users to download HD movies, games, Software, and videos or audio songs for free on their iOS device without any root or jailbreak. so let’s jump into the download iTransmission guide.

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How to download iTransmission on the iOS device

Guys, you can download iTransmission from the more ways. but if you follow our way then you can download iTransmission latest version and whenever you want to download iTransmission and if you follow our guide then you will ever download iTransmission latest version.

  • So first of all, go to the Safari browser
  • Type in the search box and hit the search button
  • When you are on the website then you will see all the apps, tweaked apps, music apps, etc are stored in the different categories
  • So go to the download section and click on the Cydia app
  • Now click on the iTransmission and then you will redirect on the downloading page
  • Here you will see the alternative link to download
  • Click on the link then downloading process will start in the background
  • Now you can download torrent files on your iOS device through the iTransmission
  • You can directly redirect on the downloading page by click on the link

In the Conclusion

So that it for this article guys. thank you for reading and with the download iTransmission you can download more tweaked apps, ++apps, hacked apps, movie apps, music apps, etc from this website. its one of the best website to download third-party apps for iOS device.

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