Awesome app for iPhone – get ++apps on iOS 11.3.1/11.4

awesome app

Hey guys what’s up, today we are gonna share with you another way to download Awesome apps on your iPhone. and you will happy to know that you can run these awesome apps on your iOS 11.3.1 or 11.4 version. every day new apps launch for iDevice users. because Many iPhone users prefer to run … Read more

How to import music to library on iPhone without iTunes

Import Music

Hello Guys whats’up, today I am gonna show you. how to import music to the library on your iPhone/iPad. you don’t need iTunes, Computer or Mac to do this. you can do it with some apps. some time ago, iPhone users are using iTunes to import music to the library on their iPhone, which was a … Read more

iOS 11.3.1 keenlab Jailbreak 2018 [Keenlab public RELEASE] – Install Cydia

Keenlab Jailbreak

Hello guys, today we have a good news about the Jailbreak. keen security lab has just released a keenlab jailbreak for iOS 11. We got our focus on this jailbreak after security engineer min zheng shared the photographs from the jailbreak demo on his twitter account. Last time also they had successfully jailbroken iOS 11.O and … Read more

How to Apple jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 With The New Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak!

Apple Jailbreak

What’s up guys, today we are going to show you how to Apple jailbreak the new iOS 11.3.1 With The NEW Pangu iOS 11 Jailbreak? Jailbreaking is an unknown and dangerous part for other but if you are an iOS user then it’s a really compulsory part of the iOS experience for you.  and for the … Read more

How to Install Kodi on iPhone and iPad [Working] – Updated!

How to install Kodi on iPhone

How To Install Kodi on iPhone and iPad – everyone knows that Apple is the biggest platform and that’s why its rules are really strict. It gives everything in its product, such as the own App store and operating system in the mobile and its own windows in the MacBook and there is a lot of … Read more