Download these best apps for iPhone free – Best of December 2018

5 Best apps for iPhone free – Hello readers, Today I’ve come back with an amazingly helpful article and in this article, I’ll show you guys the best apps for iPhone free, all the apps guys you can download from the app store that means you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to download these best apps for iPhone free. guys, these all apps are very useful for the iPhone/iPad users and also, there are the best of December 2018. so let’s go ahead guys and have a look at these apps.

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5 Best Apps for iPhone Free

1: Video Get – Movie Maker & Editor

Best apps for iPhone free

Video maker is a free app that allows you to edit video on your iPhone it’s really awesome and very easy to use. all you have to do is just go ahead and add your video or you can record a video. once you have added your video then you will have the tools at the bottom.

You can go ahead and crop the video. so you can see just move your finger just like this to crop the video anywhere you want and click done.

Best apps for iPhone free

If you have done and then you will have other tools as well. so you can resize the video, you can rotate the video, you can set different speeds of the video, and you can slow down the video or speed it up. also, you can go ahead and trim the video.

2: Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter

Best apps for iPhone free

Wi-Fi signal is an app that will give you detailed information about your Wi-Fi. it will show you the strength of your connection, some information, Wi-Fi name status, and all that stuff and then on the second tab, it will show you detailed information about your IP address all that stuff. on the third tab, it will show you all the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi connection and also, you can test the speed of your internet connection.

3: Hawkeye Access (best apps for new iPhone)

Best apps for iPhone free

Hawkeye access is an app that allows you to control your iPhone using your eyes. it’s a really awesome app. so you can move the cursor using your eyes and you blink once you want to open a page.

It’s as easy as that. so, of course, this will work only with some apps. so you can use like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram within this app using your eyes.

4: Live Wallpapers

Best apps for iPhone free

Live wallpaper is an app that has a bunch of cool live wallpapers. also, it allows you to create your own. so you can set any of your videos as a live wallpaper on your iPhone. so once you choose one of your videos then you can go ahead and trim that video.

Once it’s good to go then you can set the speed of the video and just tap on the right button and you’re good to go. you will create a live wallpaper, which will be saved on the camera roll of your device. you can set it as a wallpaper for your lockscreen.

You can also go ahead and go to categories and download different live wallpapers that are within this app. so there are a ton of live wallpapers that you can get for free for your device.

5: A Color Story

Best apps for iPhone free

A color story, this is a pretty powerful photo editing app. it’s really awesome and it allows you to basically scale your pictures edit them, resize them, rotate them, add different filters, and all that cool stuff.

So once you have selected your picture or you take a picture using your camera then you have some tools to resize that image, to rotate it, to crop it, do anything you want with it.

The Conclusion

Thank you guys for reading this article. so guys, these are the best apps for iPhone free. if you found that this article is helpful for you then please share this post with your friends, family members, and on the social media and also visit daily on this website for reading more new articles.