5 alternative app stores – Download third-party app stores for iOS device

Alternative app stores – Hello everyone, today we are gonna show you 5 Alternative app stores, which you can install on your iOS device without the jailbreak. guys, as you all know that Apple has own official app store, from where iOS users can download apps, games, and tweaked apps.

But there are lots of apps, which Apple doesn’t provide on its app store and for those apps, developers have created third-party app stores and these alternative app stores provide us every app, which we want to download for our iOS device.

Sometimes it happens that Apple has deleted some apps from its app store. so we can find those apps in these alternative app stores. these app stores completely free and secure. we can install them without jailbreak our device. so let’s go further.

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5 Alternative app stores for iOS device

1: Tweak box

Tweak box is on the first number in our app stores list. tweak box has 2 version. the second version is compatible with the iOS latest version. so what it does, it gives us the modified version of the original apps. you can download hacked apps, tweaked apps from here, which are fully free of cost. you can find here every app, for which you don’t need to jailbreak your device.

Whenever iOS users want to download third-party apps then they think that if they download third-party then they need to jailbreak their iOS device. but it’s not like that, tweak box gives us all the apps that we can run on our iOS device without the jailbreak. if you want to download both versions of tweak box then we have left the links below the paragraph. you can read how to download tweak box on your iOS device.

  1. Download Tweak box V2 for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  2. Tweakbox iOS Download for iPhone/iPad/iPad Mini [No Jailbreak]

2: TutuApp

On the second number, we have TutuApp. TutuApp is the best app store for the iOS device. you can find here that apps, which Apple has deleted from its own app store. TutuApp is also available on the Android and Windows platform. it will give us any premium apps for free and also gives tweaked apps, hacked games, and emulators. when you are going to download TutuApp then you will have two options.

  1. VIP
  2. Regular

VIP version that you can’t download free. but you can download the regular version free. but if you download the regular then Apple removed it any time from your device and if you download VIP version then Apple never removed it from your device. but if you want to download VIP version free. so we have written an article on how to download TutuApp VIP free on the iOS device.

3: App even

The App even is the 3rd best Third-party app store. it’s easy to use and you can install it on your device without the jailbreak. The App even is also like TutuApp or Tweak box. but you can download it only on the iOS device. it will give us paid games free, hacked apps, emulators and ++apps like Facebook++, Whatsapp++, Snapchat++, which are the modified version of the original apps.

You will get more new feature and privacy, which you can’t get on the original app. it’s completely safe and secure. Though there are many app stores like AppEven app store were released previously, It got something special for you. if you want to download App even then click on the link below.

App even free – download paid apps free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

4: Panda helper VIP

Panda helper VIP is the 4th Third-party app store, which is designed only for the iOS users. this app store also supports on the latest version of iOS. you can install it on the iPhone 6 or later. through this app store, you can get third-party apps, games, tweaks and the modified version of the mainstream apps. Pander helper VIP is fully free of cost. it’s a little bit hard to use. but it’s fully safe and secure. you can get here those apps, which Apple have delete from its app store. And, there is no need to jailbreak your device to get the Panda Helper free version. if you want to download Panda helper VIP then click on the link below.

Download panda helper for the iOS device without jailbreak

5: Cyrus

Cyrus is the last app store in our best 5 alternative app stores list. it has also 2 version and the second version is compatible with the latest iOS version. you can use its second version on the iPhone 6 or later. it is also free of cost and you can install it without jailbreak your device. Cyrus also gives us tweaked apps, hacked games, emulators, and ++apps. if you want to download Cyrus v2 then click on the link below.

Download Cyrus v2 and get ++apps, tweaked apps, emulators and more!


Thank you for reading this article. guys, these best 5 alternative app stores are fully free of cost and I promise that you can find every app on these 5 app stores. hope you will like this article and if you like this article then please this and also visit on this blog for reading new and helpful articles.